A Dutchman got a rotten penis after a deadly cobra bit his manhood during a safari trip in South Africa.

The 47-year-old victim suffered scrotal necrosis and had to undergo reconstructive surgery after the cold-blooded serpent, which was lurking in the toilet bowl, attacked him.

According to Urology Case Reports, in the first reported incident of “snouted cobra envenomation of the genitals,” the unidentified man had to wait three hours before a helicopter flew him to the nearest trauma center some 220 miles away.

“His penis and scrotum were noted to be swollen, deep purple in color, and painful on hospital admission. Scrotal necrosis was diagnosed, and he received multiple doses of a non-specific snake venom antiserum and broad-spectrum antibiotics,” according to the medical report.

Though the victim developed no neurological symptoms during the ordeal, he vomited and reported a burning sensation as well as pain in his groin that shot up from the abdomen into the upper chest.

“The scrotal necrosis was reported to involve the entire fascia (skin to internal spermatic) and was excised with extensive margins. Primary closure was performed, leaving a drain in situ,” Urology Case Reports

“The defect in the penile shaft was treated by superficial debridement and a vacuum-assisted closure pump. After 9 days, the patient was repatriated to the Netherlands,” it added.

A plastic surgeon had to perform a “penile shaft debridement, with extensive resection of dead tissue extending into the corpus spongiosum to the fold of the preputium.”

The victim made a full recovery after a graft from his groin was surgically removed and placed over his penis.

Necrosis commonly referred to as the “flesh-eating disease” is a potentially deadly condition in which the bacteria spreads quickly through the infected tissue. The condition requires immediate treatment with intravenous antibiotics.

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