A Georgia woman shared her shocking experience when she found 18 snakes snuggled under her bed.

Trish Wilcher was about to go to sleep when she felt something writhing under her bed.

She turned the bedroom upside down and found a mother snake and 17 babies cozied up in the room.

The shocking discovery left her "scared shirtless" and "freaked out", Wilcher shared on Facebook.

"Ok we have turned the bedroom upside down…found 17 babies and the momma," she posted.

"No sleep tonight…Just glad I saw that little tiny piece of what I thought was fuzz and went to pick it up," Wilcher said.

"Up the street they have cleared some land that has been grown up for some time now…therefore we were the home spot for her litter!"

"I am struggling to move about the house much less sit down anywhere!!! I may need a cardiologist after this!!!" Wilcher said.

Wilcher believes the reptile gave birth under her bed on Sunday, July 18.

The pictures she shared on Facebook reveals how the snakes were barely visible after blending into the carpet.

A netizen commented on the Facebook post thanking Wilcher for removing the reptiles humanely.

"We hope we got them all out - still have that slight feeling there may be more than one left,” Wilcher responded.

"Needless to say we did not feel threatened after finding the momma…therefore to the creek they went. Still uneasy!"

A wildlife expert named Dan captured the reptiles and released them at a creek near the property in the town of Augusta.

"Dan has come and gone, he did not find anymore...suspect the snake had a live birth under my bed...yes under my bed! Still in shock!" Wilcher added.

She said the snakes were "Dekay's snakes" or brown snakes, which are non-venomous.

"I would have died ..I want to know how it got in ..in the first place..I'm gonna be looking all in my house paranoid as heck," a shocked netizen commented under the post.

"Make sure don’t leave doors open like when hot during summertime," another user wrote.


Snake Representation image. Pixabay.