A 16-year-old senior student from Bududa District, Uganda lost her hand after a man holding a machete cut it off for refusing to take her clothes off. The teenager was identified as Evelyn Manasopo from the Bududa District in Uganda, fending off a rape attempt by a man in the forest.

The suspect was identified as 25-year-old Derrick Kuloba who attacked Manasopo as she was headed back home after picking beddings and food for her sick mother. She narrated how she was ordered to undress by her assailant but refused. This drew the ire of Kuloba who threatened to cut her head off. When the man was about to attack, she used her right hand to defend herself from being cut.

Manasopo added that she also made cries for help but to no avail. She admits that she is still in a lot of pain as a result of the attack and is seeking justice after Kuloba was released by authorities.

Evelyn is accusing the police and the Mbale Court of trying to frustrate her case following Kuloba’s release for unexplained reasons a few days after he was arrested.

The incident happened on July 4, 2020, with Kuloba reportedly waylaying Manasopo first and then chopping off her hand after she resisted the rape attempt. Aside from losing her hand, the teenager also suffered other injuries on other parts of her body as a result of the rape attempt. Three witnesses were presented to the court: Evelyn, her uncle and her cousin.

“I need justice from this court because I’m now disabled. I’m not able to do any day-to-day activities like I used to. I can’t even write,” Manasopo stated.

Manasopo is now seeking harsher punishment for Kuloba after the case was adjourned last Apr. 8, 2021. The prosecution is expected to call on more witnesses. Like Evelyn, her mother (Juliet Khainza) is also seeking justice. She wants the suspect to shoulder her medical bills and explained that their family is having a hard time settling the medical bills.

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