The newest sensation of modern mariachi music, Santiago Alberto, will be part of the “Mariachi Extravaganza,” a spectacular musical that takes place on August 31st at 7:30pm. The event which promises to be a memorable performance, will take place at the Teatro Santa Fe Opera in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

As the evening takes place and the vivid colors of the sunset cover the skies of Santa Fe, the crowd who awaits patiently within the theatre will experience a beautiful moment, as they sit within the Opera’s astounding architecture. As vibrant sounds and colors will reflect off of the theatre’s columns, the vibrato of the trumpets from the traditional contemporary music will be created by some of the best up-and-coming artists and musicians of the Mexican musical genre as they perform throughout the unforgettable evening. 

Santiago Alberto, who will be the main performance and talent of the yearly event, will be accompanied by Mariachi Tesoro from Tucson, which is directed by the great maestro Rigoberto Gomez Covarrubias, who was one of the musical directors for one of the most important and influential artists in music history: Juan Gabriel.
Born in Española, New Mexico, Santiago Alberto will perform the most renowned songs from his album, with “Con Amor” being one of them. The single, which represents mariachi music, is performed with a variety of traditional rhythms and authentic contemporary sounds. This is the music that celebrates Mariachi and its culture.
“I am very excited to have been invited to this great event” It is an honor to share a stage and display the meaning behind what Mariachi music is in such a prestigious place, such as the Santa Fe Opera, which is also so close to where I was born and raised. I have some beautiful memories from previous years, watching some of the best Mariachis in the world such as Mariachi Sol de Mexico, Mariachi Vargas and Mariachi Los Camperos performing on the stage for the Mariachi Extravaganza. It’s a dream come true to sing for the beautiful audience from my native land. I am planning a really memorable performance full of special moments for this show. “Hurray for the fiestas!” said Santiago Alberto.