Mariah Finally Got Her Tea! Enjoy 3 Blend Ideas During Cold Temperatures

Mariah Carey
Tea is everywhere lately! And while some people prefer to drink it, others prefer to spill it. January is Hot Tea Month, and there's plenty of ways you can enjoy a warm, steaming cup of tea. Photo: Instagram Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey had a rough end of 2016. Her Times Square performance to welcome 2017 was a big fail, but she vindicated herself during her most recent performance to welcome 2018 and celebrated it with a warm, steaming cup of tea, and probably two teaspoons of shade. 

January also happens to be Hot Tea Month, which makes the idea of being without a cuppa all the more devastating. Tea has been drunk for thousands of years and has its origin from the country of China. Its a great alternative to coffee and can warm your heart and body, especially during the cold winter months.

According to the history of tea, the beverage has been seen as a mark of sophistication and has practically redefined British culture, having become completely inseparable from what it means to be British.

Celebrating Hot Tea Month super simple, you just have to brew up a cup of your favorite tea, sit back and relax as you sip it down.

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