Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, found herself sending love and charity to a variety of movements and groups on Thursday as she sent her support to a parent-led gun control advocacy group as well as a single mom who runs a nonprofit for children.

Meghan, who visited Uvalde, Texas two days after a horrific school shooting killed 21 people, praised the work of Moms Demand Action, a gun control group run by parents advocating for “public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence,” according to People.

“Please know that while you may feel exhausted by your endless hours of dedication to this cause, I hope you feel energized in knowing that the work you're doing is vital and so deeply appreciated. As a mom, as a friend, thank you so much!” Meghan said in the note she sent.

Shannon Watts, who helps run Moms Demand Action, also said that the Duchess sent over snacks like “[donuts], bagels w/the works, coffee, cookies, etc…” and coffee to the group with the note.

Although Meghan has not been actively campaigning for gun control, she has kept tabs with the Uvalde shooting’s victims’ families. She reportedly called one of the relatives of Irma Garcia, a teacher who was killed during the shooting, just to check on their wellbeing, KTXS reported.

“The way my mom just got off the phone with Meghan Markle... the Duchess, she's so sweet and lovely, she really went out of her way to check on the family, it means so much,” the nephew of Irma Garcia said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Brittany Starks, a single mom who runs the nonprofit A Twist of Greatness in Tennessee, received $20,000 checks from Meghan as well as TV host Ellen Degeneres during a taping of Ellen’s show that Starks was a guest in, according to Yahoo! News.

A Twist of Greatness helps children in Tennessee by offering free monthly hair braiding events and a mentorship program for children. Starks said that she started the nonprofit after offering to braid children’s hair for free.

“At that time, I was in between homes, I didn't have anything until my next paycheck. So I'm like, ‘How can I give back?’” Starks said. “Because I know how that made me feel. So I started braiding hair.”

“I made a Facebook post asking, ‘Is there anybody who can't afford to get their child's hair done that needs the child's hair done for school?’ I literally thought it was gonna be five to seven kids, and it turned out to be 35.”

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, found herself giving support to a parent-led gun control group and a nonprofit in Tennessee run by a single mother as she continues to find advocacies to uplift in the United States. CHANDAN KHANNA/Unsplash.

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