A shocking video of a wrestling “villain” turned him into a real villain. Einar Cruz, known as Einar El Vikingo by his fans, was arrested after he was seen flinging a 5-year-old to the ground. The incident took place at an outdoor wrestling event in Mexico City on Friday, May 21. The wrestler was arrested but later released. He faces no charges but the Mexico City Attorney General's Office continues to investigate the incident.

Fans of wrestling in Mexico City had gathered at the outdoor event to watch the Luchadors wrestle. During a tag team match, Cruz and his partner lost the match. After being flung out of the wrestling ring, the 21-year-old wrestler was seen seated on the street while the winners were in the ring. As the defeated wrestler with the villain persona was fuming from the loss he was approached by a small child.

A 5-year-old boy, identified as Mateo, was seen approaching the wrestler while he was still down. Cruz was not very happy at being approached by the child. Enraged, the man was seen grabbing the child by his arm and twisting it. He got up from the ground and flung the child onto the street. The child is seen lying on the ground as bystanders stand up to the wrestler for his actions.

After the incident, Cruz was arrested by the police. Police also had to prevent the locals from trying to attack the wrestler for hitting the child. He was held in custody till Sunday, May 23, according to News.com.au. Mateo later confessed that he had tried to apply a chokehold on the wrestler who was portrayed as an antagonist.

Before Cruz’s release, Mateo’s mother appeared before the Mexico City prosecutor's office. She signed a pardon indicating that the family would not be pressing charges against the man. However, Mexico City Attorney General Ernestina Godoy stated that her office would investigate the incident to find a way to punish the wrestler, Daily Mail reported.

Aside from his arrest, Cruz faced repercussions in the form of an indefinite suspension. On Monday, May 24 Mexico City Wrestling Commission announced the suspension. Other wrestlers have also come together to show their support for the child. Some even visited Mateo who was left with minor injuries from the incident.

Boxing Representation image Pixabay