Viral videos are everywhere but rarely would one see this fight between two girls with the reason behind it still unknown. The ugly brawl shows two women in jeans and crop tops going at it, a scene that gets out of control at some point.

Both go at it, complete with hair-pulling that spills into the ground. At one point, the tussle gets dirty as both drag each other into a dirty drain. That made it look more like a mud wrestling match, with both ending up with dirty hands and faces as people tried to separate the two women.

The fight started in the middle of the street with the reason behind the fracas yet to be known. The video was widely shared on social media but people are not still trying to figure out what could have sparked it all. Details remain scarce as well with no mention of where this brawl took place.

It will be interesting if the fight was sparked involving a man or something personal. But looking at the way the two were fuming and getting it on, the melee likely stemmed from something serious that led to the violent brawl that most may only see in fight sports.

This viral video comes not long after another similar catfight between two women happened at Madhya Pradesh’s Pana. It took place at the Malaghan village of Panna district just as the two women went out to try and collect drinking water.

It appears the two had a not-so-pleasant exchange and the two went at it with utensils. The two women ended up trying to push each other, pulling each other’s hair as other women in the area tried to separate them.

mud fight
Two women fighting for unknown reasons went viral with their brawl getting ugly after spilling into a nearby dirty drain. Photo by Chris Yang on Unsplash

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