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MIAMI - Liliana Luna, the director of "5 Lunas de Maluri," a renowned rehab center in Jalisco, Mexico, where Peso Pluma was allegedly hospitalized, has finally broken her silence on the rumored admission of the famed singer.

According to Univision journalist Ahtiziri Cárdenas, who has talked to Luna, the news about the artist has been a mix of half truths, misunderstandings, and old stories.

Cárdenas, who works for Noticias Univision, reported on X (formerly Twitter) that she had a personal conversation with Luna, who clarified the situation and authorized her to reproduce their talk: Contrary to widespread media speculation, Luna said that Peso Pluma, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande, was never admitted to the center for addiction or emotional illness rehabilitation.

Peso Pluma was indeed at the rehab center

According to Luna, Kabande did visit "5 Lunas De Maluri" but under entirely different circumstances. The visit dates back five years, before his rise to fame, and was part of a three-day spiritual retreat. She went on to explain that Kabande's connection to the center was through his family, who are personal friends of hers. In 2019, he voluntarily participated in the retreat as part of his interest in altruistic activities.

The controversy seems to have stemmed from photographs that have been circulating in the media.

Luna said that these images were taken out of context. Two of them date back to the 2019 spiritual retreat, while the other two, showing Kabande wearing a black cap with "LA" initials, were recently taken in Miami, she argued.

However, it's worth noting that there are no mountains in Florida, which is the flattest state in the U.S.

These images, shared on the center's Facebook page and recently erased, opened the door to a misleading narrative about the singer's life.

This clarification from the director of "5 Lunas De Maluri" brings a new perspective to the ongoing saga surrounding Peso Pluma, challenging the rumors that he had entered the facility as a consequence of his very public breakup with Argentinian urban music star Nicki Nicole.

Last week, Peso Pluma unexpectedly canceled his presentation in Viña del Mar, the most important festival of Latin music in the Spanish speaking world.

Pepe Garza enters the fray

As one of the most recognized Mexican music expert in the U.S., Pepe Garza is knowledgeable in the insides of the entertainment world in Los Angeles. According to a video he posted on TikTok, Peso Pluma is recording new music in the city.

This narrative coincides with a video published on Tuesday morning in Despierta América, where a man resembling Peso Pluma is leaving a recording studio in Los Angeles.


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Peso Pluma´s next public appearance is set for April in Coachella.

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