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It looks like women in Mexico are starting to raise their voice and expose their attackers on social media without being afraid of the consequences. Gabriella Nava, a student at the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), is the latest case of sexual harassment registered in CDMX.

On Monday, the College student was warned about a man video-taping under her skirt as she was arriving on Campus. “I need help to identify this subject,” she wrote on Facebook. “He was recording under my skirt on the bus, it was at around 3:15 pm.” She added that her friends stopped the guy from getting off the bus and confronted him about the clip. “I’m sorry, please. I have a few drinks on me,” replied the harasser.

On her post, Nava narrates that after getting the guy’s confession on camera, she turned to the Campus police but they refused to help stating they couldn’t do anything because she was technically outside the University’s facilities.

Todas hemos sufrido, al menos una vez, una agresión de esta índole a diario, en el transporte público, en la calle, en...

Posted by Gabriella Nava on Thursday, March 31, 2016

This is not the first time a case like this is not taken seriously by the Mexican authorities. Last month, reporter Andrea Noel also turned to social media to report a similar case in the streets of La Condesa, one of the city’s neighborhoods.

“My dress was pulled up and my underwear pulled down in the middle of the street at #LaCondesa. Sexual assault is not a funny prank. It is an abusive violation,” Noel wrote on her personal Twitter account right after the incident happened on March 8.

Unfortunately, Noel’s case was neglected and she was forced to leave the country after receiving constant rape and death threats from machista men who claimed, “she asked for it.”

Just like Andrea, Gabriella has been battling these types of comments on Facebook. But her online report has helped other women to come out and identify the man, who apparently has made a hobby out of showing his private parts to women go attend the school. However, he is still a free man.

According to statistics provided by TSJ (Tribunal Superior de Justicia), 738 attackers received jail sentences for sex crimes in the last four years. That means that only 19% of the suspects were legally punished. Security and Justice specialists agree on the fact that there’s a lack of commitment on behalf of Governmental functionaries, who seem to have fallen into bad habits and are not taking the necessary measures to solve these crimes.

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