Mexico Vs. Panama 2013 Preview: Will The Mexicans Be Able To Keep Their World Cup Dreams Alive? [REPORT]

Mexico Vs Japan 2-1 Confederations Cup
Mexico Vs Japan 2-1 Confederations Cup Reuters

Mexico is hoping they can keep themselves in the running and earn a chance to go to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. If Mexico can't win against Panama on October 11 they will be in some big trouble. They only have two matches left in order to qualify for the World Cup and they must play well if they want a guaranteed place in 2014. El Tri has to win against Panama on the 11th if they want a say in determining their own future at the World Cup.

If they go into the last qualifying match against Costa Rica after having lost to Panama their fate will no longer be in their own hands. According to, Mexico's new coach, Victor Manuel Vucetich, has been working on new training exercises with at least three strikers in order to improve the team's goal scoring proficiency after netting only four goals in eight games. "We're looking to be very aggressive, we need goals, we're looking at players that can score," Vucetich said during a recent press conference.

Panama is not looking to make it easy for Mexico to grab a spot at the World Cup. Panama has already beaten Mexico twice this year, once in the group phase and then again in the CONCACFA Gold Cup Finals. Panama's coach Julio Cesar Dely Valdes told Reuters that he feels good about his team's chances of beating Mexico for a third time. "If you've already managed it, experienced what used to look impossible, you've realized it isn't. So of course it's possible a third time. We're not used to seeing Mexico in this situation."

Only the top three teams will be guaranteed a spot at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Mexico is currently fifth, the two top spots have been taken by the United States and Costa Rica. Honduras is third with 11 points and Panama is fourth with eight points. Mexico also has eight points. All three teams will be fighting hard for the coveted final guaranteed spot for 2014.

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