'Mi Corazón Es Tuyo' Finale Spoilers: How Did Univision Telenovela Starring Silvia Navarro End In Last Episode?

'Mi Corazón Es Tuyo' Finale Spoilers
Find out how "Ana, La Nana" ended her adventures on the Univision telenovela "Mi Corazón Es Tuyo!" Televisa

One of the most succesful telenovelas last year was "Mi Corazón Es Tuyo" on Univision that followed Ana Leal and her misadventures as a nanny trying to take care of a seven orphaned children. Starring Silvia Navarro, Jorge Salinas and Mayrín Villanueva, the production managed to get big and small audiences behind this lovely story. We all want to know what will happen to Ana (Navarro) and Fernando (Salinas) in the finale and if they'll be able to live happily ever after. The Last Episode has Ana pregnant, getting ready to pop in a week. The Lascurain family is going to get bigger and all the troop is excited to find out if they'll be having a baby brother or sister. Fernando has to leave on a business trip and Isabela (Villanueva) finds out about these plans and most likely will like to ruin them. Isabela arrives at the hotel that Fernando is staying at and sprays his eyes with a substance that knocks him out. Meanwhile, Ana goes into labor.

Ana is taken to the hospital. Fanny (Paulina Goto) tries to get a hold of her dad but he's knocked out while Isabela reads his texts. Ana calls Fernando and Isabela picks up, which only alters Ana even more as she's ready to give birth. Isabela sends Ana the photo she took of herself kissing Fernando as he's asleep. As even prays for the best, Fernando arrives just in time to see the birth of...TWIN GIRLS! Ana Soledad y Ana Estefania are the names of their twin daughters. They are baptized in a stadium in front of hundreds of people. The family breaks into dance, which is completely out of context. León asks Fanny for her hand in matrimony, in the future; she accepts. Isabela is spotted in the crowd by the bride she kidnapped thinking it was Ana. Everyone in the stadium starts throwing stuff at her to make her leave. This finale has turned into something so bizarre. It turned out into a live-stage show than the telenovela we watched every day.

The dog has been lost and Isabela calls the family to tell them she has it. Isabela cites them at a park to get their dog back. Fernando says that she wants to give her a kiss and as she walks towards him she falls in a hole full of water and mud. Isabela continues her plans to mess with the family. As she checks her bank account she notices she was robbed by her partner in crime. She talks to the camera and says that from now on she wants to be known as IsaBella (as in beautiful). Weeks pass by and Isabela has gained weight eating a lot of "chichcarrones." With no money, Isabela lands a job at the zoo scooping up poop. Ana and the family live happily ever after. That's it! THE END!

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