A man who allegedly plied an underage Indiana University sorority girl with weed and alcohol before proceeding to rape her has been arrested on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

On Aug. 17, at around 9:45 a.m., Eric Montgomery, 33, called 911 from an off-campus Bloomington house owned by his parents to inform the authorities that Avery McMillan, 20, was unconscious inside the residence.

When the first responders arrived at the scene, they discovered McMillan unresponsive inside the house and issued the girl three doses of Narcan, to treat an alleged opioid overdose. However, the treatment was not successful and McMillan was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene, the Daily Beast reported.

McMillan was reportedly heavily drunk before being picked up by Montgomery on the day of her death. Montgomery allegedly met McMillan that morning near the campus and plied her with more alcohol and weed. The man allegedly proceeded to have sex with the minor girl in the parking garage of her apartment building and at his house.

According to McMillan's roommates, the college student had “got a little more drunk than she intended or wanted to” at a party the night before. During their drive back home from the party, McMillan reportedly became “frazzled and aggressive” and exited the car at around 2 a.m. McMillan was later seen on security footage trying to access her Bloomington apartment without her key for almost two hours, New York Post reported.

Later, at around 5 a.m., a 2010 Ford Crown Victoria believed to belong to Montgomery entered the garage and stayed there for about nine minutes before leaving. About four hours later, officers reportedly found McMillan unconscious and unresponsive inside Montgomery's Bloomington house, where she was subsequently pronounced dead.

Montgomery has not been charged in connection with the girl's death since the authorities are still awaiting test results from a medical examiner to ascertain her cause of death.

However, Montgomery, who has a “violent and extensive criminal history,” was arrested without incident on Wednesday, Aug. 31, on a warrant for rape while the victim was “disabled or deficient,” as well as furnishing alcohol to a minor. A judge approved a warrant for Montgomery’s arrest on Tuesday and set his bail at US$100,000.

According to McMillan's sorority sisters, she hailed from Valparaiso, Indiana, about 200 miles north of the university, and was “so giving” and “always there to help everyone.”

“Avery, you were a beautiful free spirit who brightened our lives,” wrote Madi Gen on an online memorial page. “You were so generous with your love and you gave joy and comfort to many people. You were so full of life and you still had so much to offer the world.”

Eric Montgomery, 33, who allegedly plied an underage Indiana University sorority girl with weed and alcohol before proceeding to rape her, has been arrested on Wednesday, Aug. 31.  Monroe County Sheriff's Office

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