A self-confessed misogynist has been arrested by police on Saturday after injuring at least 10 female passengers in a stabbing spree on a running commuter train in Tokyo on Friday.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have charged Yusuke Tsushima, 36, with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a 20-year-old female university student using a knife he bought two years ago to commit suicide following a series of random stabbing attacks last week, the Tokyo Reporter noted.

Tsushima, who then fled the scene, had confessed to law enforcement that he targeted "happy-looking" women at a rapid express Odakyu Electric Railway train because passengers would have no way to escape.

The knife-wielding suspect hopped on the 10-car Odakyu Odawara Line rapid express train that departed from Fujisawa Station in Kanagawa Prefecture bound for Shinjuku Station on Friday.

Tsushima was in the No. 6 car when he began attacking an innocent woman sitting in the No. 7 car at around 8:30 p.m. between Seijogakuen-mae and Soshigaya-Okura stations, according to 9News.

He would move through three train cars successively as he carried out the rampage, randomly stabbing and assaulting a series of female victims.

Tsushima proceeded to spray the floor of the No. 8 car with salad oil, intending to set it on fire with a cigarette lighter. However, the fire did not break out, according to local police.

When the train service made an emergency stop, the suspect bolted out from a door of the No. 9 car that a passenger had just opened with an emergency handle.

He then fled the scene, leaving a 20-year-old female student with seven stab wounds to her back and other parts of her body. At least 10 passengers, including four other women and five men on the train, were injured by the assailant. Thankfully, none of the victims sustained life-threatening injuries from the appalling attack.

Detectives have since confiscated a lighter, a container believed to have been used to carry the oil, a 20-centimeter-long chef's knife, and a mobile phone outside the train.

Earlier that day, Friday, Tsushima was suspected of shoplifting at a grocery store in the Shinjuku Ward. The man reportedly planned to kill the female staffer inside the store but later decided to kill more inside the train instead.

Law enforcement apprehended Tsushima the following day after he reportedly confessed to a convenience store staff that he was responsible for the recent train attacks, according to Kyodo News.

"I am the suspect in the incident reported by the news media. I am tired of fleeing," the suspect, still in a shirt stained with the blood of his victims, allegedly admitted.

Police then arrived at the store in neighboring Suginami Ward and took him into custody.

When quizzed by the cops about his crimes, Tsushima said that his desire to kill women at random began after he was looked down upon by girls during college. He also confessed to attempting to kill a happy-looking woman six years ago.

"I didn’t get along with the women I met on dating sites so I started to want to kill successful women.” Tsushima reportedly added. "I chose that train because there is no escape and I can kill a lot of people. Anyone was fine.”

Japan train station
Local reports said that the perpetrator was in a green shirt, indigo suit, and purple coat when he brandished his knife and randomly attacked commuters. This is a representational image. Charly Triballeau/Getty Images

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