A former beauty queen of Ukraine with roots in the country has posted pictures in support of the Ukrainian president and the army on Saturday, Feb. 26, becoming one of the many supportive voices across the world condemning Putin’s actions against the country.

Anastasia Lenna, a former Miss Grand Ukraine title-holder, has publicly come out in support of the Ukrainian army as she uses her influence across many social media platforms to raise funds for the country’s military, the New York Post reported.

“Everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with the intent to invade will be killed!” she said on a post, captioning a photograph of a group of armed soldiers blocking an unknown roadway in the country.

Her account has been dedicated to showcasing the best efforts of Ukraine to stave off the Russians from the country, with her posting a flag of the country with captions urging for Russian followers to end the war and stop the invasion of the country.

Lenna also posted several photographs of herself posing with airsoft guns while wearing clothes that could be misconstrued as used by the military, with the hashtags “#standwithukraine” and “#handsoffukraine” in the captions, according to News18.

Her Instagram, which has 75,000 followers, has been largely sharing pro-Ukraine pictures as the country’s fight against Russia continues to escalate in its fourth day of conflict. She even posted a photograph of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky walking with other soldiers.

Lenna, who graduated from the Slavistik University of Kyiv, previously worked as a model and public relations official in Turkey. Nowadays, she has used her mastery of over five languages to work as a translator for different companies.

It is unclear if she is currently working for the Ukrainian government or military, or if she is just showing her support of her country’s fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his steadily-encroaching Russian army entering the sovereign state.

Ukrainian beauty queen and former model Anastasia Lenna is currently using her influence in Instagram and other platforms to show support for the Ukrainian military and government. Anastasia Lenna/Instagram

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