A seemingly homophobic and transphobic Pennsylvania mother has pleaded not guilty on Thursday, Sept. 23, to the murder of her own two children, who were members of the LGBTQ+ community, as the state seeks the death penalty against her.

Krisinda Ann Bright, a 48-year-old woman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been accused of killing 16-year-old Jeffrey “JJ” Bright and 22-year-old Jasmine Cannady at their home on Feb. 23, earlier this year, according to a KDKA CBS News report.

The Bright matriarch reportedly shot Cannady dead while she was lying on her bed; afterward, she went downstairs with the intent to murder Jeffrey. After the gun jammed initially, Jeffrey, a young transgender boy, begged for his mother to not shoot him, according to Law&Order.

“Please don’t shoot, I’m gonna call the police,” he said to her.

However, she managed to fix her gun and gunned down Jeffrey, the shot fatally wounding him but not killing him immediately. The mother proceeded to head upstairs once again to retrieve another weapon. She then shot Jeffrey dead, before calling the police and confessing to the murder of her two children. Responding officers found the Bright mother drenched in her young kids' blood after they reached the residence.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against the brutal Bright. Despite having reason to believe that her mental health was a factor in her heinous crimes, the state doubts it will affect the possible future verdict of the case.

“[She was] fully aware of what she was doing and there was no evidence of severe mental distress at the time,” District Attorney David Lozier said.

“That [statement] we were aware of, and we were aware informally of the psychiatric history, but it did not appear to alter whether she was aware of what she was doing and planning,” Lozier continued.

Pennsylvania has a moratorium on capital punishment that was signed by Governor Tom Wolf, and the state has not punished a convict through the death penalty since 1999.

Jeffrey Bright identified as a transgender boy while Jasmine identified as non-binary. Over 44 transgender and gender non-conforming have been killed in 2020 alone, the highest since the information was first recorded in 2013, according to the Human Rights Council.

Krisinda Ann Bright pleaded not guilty for the murder of her children as the prosecutors of the case seek the death penalty for the woman. This is a representational image. daniel james/Unsplash.

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