A New Hampshire mother reportedly texted her friend a rant, comparing her five-year-old son to prolific serial killers Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer four months before the young boy's body was found in the woods.

"I want him gone," the woman, Danielle Dauphinais, 35, allegedly told her friend, Erika Wolfe, according to the Independent, after struggling with the boy's uncontrollable behavior.

The haunting messages shared by Wolfe would come four months before police found Elijah Lewis' body in the Abington woods.

According to Wolfe, she and Dauphinais had not spoken in years but the New Hampshire mother reportedly reached out over Snapchat after Erika made a post about her teen’s attitude.

“I call him the next Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer,” Dauphinais spoke of her 5-year-old son Elijah. “It’s so sad but I have no connection with this child.”

Wolfe claimed Dauphinais told her she had been keeping the boy in his room because she believed the boy had been playing in his feces. She also complained that the child, the fourth of her six children, was urinating on clothing and their bedsheets.

“He’s been getting worse and worse,” she reportedly told Wolfe. “I want him gone. I can’t handle it anymore. It’s like a [expletive] nightmare that I can’t wake up from."

Earlier this year, Elijah’s father sent his son to live with Dauphinais despite previously calling his ex-wife “violent and impulsive," noting she had “a history of domestic violence and substance abuse.”

In 2017, an Arizona court ordered Elijah to remain in his father’s custody, banning Dauphinais from spending time with him. However, Dauphinais started to care for Elijah in May 2020 over undisclosed reasons, the Daily Beast noted.

Authorities launched an investigation into Elijah’s whereabouts on Oct. 14 although it remains unknown how they learned of his disappearance as the boy had not been reported missing before that date, according to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

NBC Boston reported last month that police rode boats to scour the parameters of the Naticook Lake behind a property in Merrimack, which was Lewis' last known location and home.

A coordinated search effort across five states ended in the discovery of Elijah's body in the woods in Massachusetts on Oct. 23, nearly a week following the arrests of Dauphinais and her 30-year-old boyfriend, Joseph Stapf, on Oct. 17 for alleged witness tampering and child endangerment.

Both suspects pleaded not guilty to the allegations. Meanwhile, the cause of Elijah’s death is yet to be determined.

Dauphinais and her 30-year-old boyfriend, Joseph Stapf, have been arrested on witness tampering and child endangerment charges. NH DOJ

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