The new teaser trailer for “Money Heist” season 4 might have just dropped a major hint about the fate of one of its major characters, Nairobi. The final moments of the third installment of the hit Netflix series saw the character brutally shot.

Towards the end of “Money Heist” season 3, the police lured Nairobi towards the window as she gave up her son Axel, knowing she would not be able to give him a good life. Falling for the police’s trap, she ended up getting shot by a sniper in the chest. The last time fans got to see her, she was left bleeding on the floor and fainting in the arms of Helsinki as the robbers in the bank tried to keep the police at bay.

As of this writing, it remains unclear whether Nairobi will get to see another day in season 4. While fans want to see her survive her injuries, speculations are rife that she’ll succumb, just as Moscow and Berlin did in the first and second installments of the show.

If the latest teaser trailer for season 4 is anything to go by, however, it looks like fans of the show will still see more of Nairobi in the upcoming installment. The latest trailer features all of the cast members coming back from season 3, donning their red overalls. While the lineup initially does not include Nairobi, the end of the clip reveals the character slowly turning around following a dramatic pause, looking alive and well.

While showing Nairobi still with the crew could just be a red herring, it’s possible that Netflix purposely revealed the character at the end for added suspense. Her storyline was one of the major cliffhangers of season 3, so leaving her until the end of the latest trailer only helps build the hype around what’s in store for her next season.

Since the trailer was out, Redditors have been hard at work developing theories about Nairobi’s fate in the series. One of the most talked about theories point out to Axel’s teddy bear which she was holding when she got shot. “If you’ll remember, when the sniper fired the bullet that struck Nairobi, it hit the bear first,” one Redditor noted. “After travelling through the bear, the bullet loses velocity and is ultimately lodged in Nairobi’s body,” he added.

Fans point out that the teddy bear could have taken the majority of the force of the bullet that hit her chest, bottling up the blood and increasing her chances of survival. Some also point out that characters generally don’t die after cliffhangers, so Nairobi could still be alive next season.

“Money Heist” season 4 arrives on Netflix on April 3.

Money Heist Official Photo of Money Heist La Casa De Papel/Facebook