A happy family picnic turned deadly after a woman and her 5-year-old son were found murdered and her husband reported missing. 

The bodies of Alia Sheikh and her son Ayan Sheikh were discovered at two different spots on Tuesday, June 15. The woman’s husband, Abid Sheikh is still missing, police said.

Alia was found murdered near a hotel in Khalad village on Saswad-Jejuri Road in the Indian city of Pune on Tuesday morning.

The boy’s body was found later that evening at Dari Pul near Katraj, about 35 km away from the first crime scene.

According to the police, the family had rented a car on June 11, to go on a picnic. Their last known contact was on Monday night when they called their family members to inform them that they will be home in half an hour. 

However, they failed to return home at the promised time. The family members tried reaching their phones but it was out of network, police said.

The car rental company had approached the family members after the vehicle did not return under the booking period. 

The family then contacted their relatives in Pune to check on them and provided them with the GPS location of the car.

The relatives found the car parked in front of a cinema in Pune-Satara road but failed to locate the missing family. During a close inspection, they found bloodstains inside the vehicle and immediately alerted the police.

Following a preliminary investigation, police discovered the bodies of the mother and child. They said that the child was strangled to death while his mother was stabbed with a sharp weapon. The child also had some injury marks on his body, police added. Investigators have not been able to locate the father. 

The motive behind the slaying is unclear at this time. Officials say that more details will unravel after Abid is located. A manhunt has been initiated for him, police said.

Officials from the Pune city police, rural police and their Crime Branch units are investigating the murder cases.

Family picnic Representation image. Pixabay