The mother of a teenage boy and a girl has been arrested in Lancaster, Arizona. The bodies of the two teens were found decapitated in their home. It is believed that the mother was responsible for their deaths.

The accused, 44-year-old Natalie Brothwell was taken into custody by the police from her Tuscon home. She was taken into custody in the context of two homicide charges as well as endangering children. Reports from the office of the County Sheriff of Los Angeles also stated that she will be extradited to California.

The Los Angeles County prosecutors narrated that two other younger boys from the same family were aware of the murders. The boys, aged eight and nine, were shown the dead bodies of the 12-year-old boy and the 13-year-old girl. They were shown the dead bodies of their siblings in order to keep them silent. They were forced to stay inside their bedrooms for a number of days, without any food, as reported by the KTLA.

In December last year, Maurice Jewel Taylor Senior, the father of the children was also arrested on similar charges to his wife. In addition to those charges, the father is also facing charges of child abuse and causing bodily injuries involving minors. He is set to be indicted on Nov. 10 of this year, in Lancaster, ABC7 reported.

The wife and husband duo reportedly stabbed the teens on Nov. 29, 2020. Five days later, in their ancestral home which is situated in the forty-five thousand block of Century Circle, police found the bodies of the teens. Deputy Eric Ortiz of the LA County Sheriff’s office narrated that the other two children were in extremely poor conditions.

Taylor was arrested and might face a state prison sentence that encompasses 57 years and four months. He might also face a life sentence if he gets convicted of all the charges against him.

The District Attorney’s office also stated that the mother, who is also accused might not face a life sentence if she is also get convicted. The reasons were unclear so far for this different outcome.

The case is still under investigation. The sheriff’s homicide department has urged members of the public to contact the police with any relevant information.

police line crime scene
A representational image of a crime scene. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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