A mother strangulated her 3-year-old daughter to death and dumped the body in a construction site after the child took her father’s side during a scuffle over who should watch TV. The 26-year-old mother then pretended that the child was missing.

The shocking incident happened Tuesday, April 6, in the city of Bengaluru, India.

According to the police, the accused, identified as Sudha, was vexed with her daughter, Vinutha, for always taking her father’s side during arguments between the couple.

Sudha who worked as a maid often took her daughter to her workplace. The child would then come home and narrate the day’s ordeal in detail to her father which often led to altercations between the couple.

On Tuesday, the woman’s husband, Eeranna, picked the mother and child from the suspect’s workplace and went home. Once there he switched on the TV to watch the news which his wife objected to.

The child took her father’s side and told her mother not to fight with him, which enraged the suspect, The Hindu reported.

Later that evening, when Eeranna was not in the house, Sudha took her daughter to an isolated construction site and strangulated her to death. The woman then abandoned the body and went back home.

When Eeranna returned home, he found the door locked. When he called his wife on her cellphone, she said that the child had gone missing.

The couple along with a friend initiated a search for the child in the nearby area. After their attempts went in vain, they filed a missing person’s report.

Following a search operation, the police on Wednesday morning found the child’s body in a construction site. Upon examination, investigators found marks around the toddler’s neck.

The parents were questioned during which officers found a mismatch in the suspect’s statements.

According to the police, Sudha said she was out buying snacks for the child when she went missing. But the police found CCTV footage showing the woman at the construction site at the time of the incident.

"She said she was in a chaat shop when her daughter went missing. However, during the course of the investigation, we found that she had not visited the chaat shop. Instead, she was placed near the area of the construction site with her daughter. We have CCTV footage of them," Sanjeev Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police said.

"When Sudha was taken for identification, she confessed to her crime after seeing her daughter's body," the officer said.

During the interrogation, Sudha confessed that she killed her daughter because she was annoyed over the child supporting her father in any argument and also because she reported her movements to him.

"She claimed that Vinutha often humiliated her and called her names. Enraged by this, she decided to kill her," Patil said.

The woman was arrested, however, the charges imposed on her were unclear at this time.

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