A mother from South Carolina who was viciously mauled by three dogs woke up from her coma on Monday, April 4, only to find that her arms have been amputated, among other medical conditions that she is facing due to the attack.

Thirty-eight-year-old Kyleen Waltman was attacked on March 21 when two pit bulls and one mixed-breed dog attacked her while she was on her way home, suffering life-threatening injuries that could have killed her had an unknown person not seen her, shot a gun in the air to scare the animals off, and gotten her the help she needed, according to People.

Her sister Amy Wynne has been updating the public of her condition, which includes the update where she appeared to have woken up from her coma only to be sedated again after she reacted anxiously to the news that her arms had been amputated, the New York Post reported.

“Kyleen has been fully woken up and the doctors told her about her arms but it caused her a great deal of anxiety, so they sedated her,” Wynne said. “Her blood pressure is still very (SIC) and she is running a fever of 102+ her oxygen levels keep falling so she’s back on the ventilator.”

Beyond her arms getting amputated, Waltman has also had part of her colon removed, suffering significant damage to her esophagus, spine, and left leg to the point where they may have to remove part of her esophagus. She’s also suffering from high blood pressure, fluid in her lungs, and low oxygen levels.

In spite of these conditions, Wynne has been clear that she and her family has not given up hope on Waltman, and will continue to support her in any way that she needs.

“I understand that for 38 years she’s had arms and now she doesn’t, how she’s thinking. She’s still fighting. Prayers are working and slowly she’s healing. We just have to wait and allow God and time to do [it] there,” Wynne said.

Justin Minor, the owner of the dogs that mauled Waltman, has been charged with three misdemeanors related to owning a dangerous animal as well as violation of rabies control and not having a dangerous animal properly subdued.

“It could’ve been prevented,” Wynne said about the situation. “If the dogs were locked up or if the dogs were chained up, or if they were never there to begin with, this would’ve never happened.”

Minor could spend up to three years in jail if found guilty of the charges.

Kyleen Waltman from South Carolina, who was mauled by three dogs on March 21, was reportedly in distress when she awakened from her coma to find that her arms have been amputated, forcing doctors to sedate her. This is a representational image. Cierra Voelkl/Unsplash.

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