A mother strangled her 3-year-old son to death before killing herself at her parents’ home in the Indian state of Gujarat.

According to the police, Priya Vandana was found hanging dead from the ceiling fan in the bedroom of her parents’ apartment in the Rander locality of Surat city on Tuesday, Nov. 30.

After Vandana did not come out of the room in the morning, her father broke open the door to find the 31-year-old and her toddler son dead inside the room.

The police were informed and the responding officials recovered the bodies and sent them to a medical examiner’s office for an autopsy.

The investigators found a suicide note at the scene in which Vandana had accused her estranged husband of abetting her suicide.

The child’s autopsy results revealed that he died of strangulation.

In the note, Vandana also stated that she loved her son and was sorry for killing him, the official said.

Vandana had been living with her parents after she separated from her husband due to domestic disputes three years ago, a police official said.

The police are investigating the deaths. It is unclear if the suspect has been charged. A further probe is underway.

A similar incident was reported in the Middle East where a mother allegedly strangled her newborn baby to death with the help of her sisters, before proceeding to hide the child's body in the freezer for three days.

The unidentified Jordanian woman was reportedly in a relationship with someone and did not want to keep the baby. She allegedly tried several methods to get rid of the pregnancy herself, however, her efforts were in vain.

Following this, she informed her two sisters regarding the baby and sought help to get rid of her child.

On Feb. 21, the woman went to one of her sisters' houses, where her other sibling joined them. The trio waited at the home until delivery.

After the child was born, the three accused women allegedly strangled the baby girl to death and placed her body inside a closet until the next day morning.

Subsequently, they transferred the body inside a freezer for three days to prevent the dead body's odor from alerting their neighbors.

Three days later, the accused allegedly buried the baby with the help of her brother.

The accused sisters were arrested and charged with premeditated murder and concealing a crime.

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