A 27-year-old woman was arraigned on Monday for attempting to kill her children through poisoning. The woman was identified as May Nduku from Machakos County.

Nduku reportedly gave her kids a drug meant to be injected into cows. She poisoned them on Friday and admitted the crime. However, the 27-year-old alleges she had no idea what made her poison her kids. Per reports, one of the children died as a result of the heinous act.

It was also learned that Mary had a disagreement with her mother, Teresa Mwikya at that time. According to her father, the 27-year-old had come to their house after poisoning her kids.

"She came back home with the children looking frail and sick. The children were then rushed to the hospital on realizing this," Nduku’s father stated.

But the twist got even more interesting when it was suggested that Mary had a romantic affair with her 27-year-old uncle, Dominic Mbithi. The affair unsurprisingly did not sit well with her family.

"She wants to marry her uncle...she went to her uncle's residence and we had to go after her and warn her that the kind of behavior was intolerable," Mary’s father explained.

Despite their protests, Mary continued to see her uncle and carry on the illicit affair. Police established Mbithi as a person of interest but the 27-year-old was able to elude them in Machakos County.

Authorities are now searching for Mbithi who is now considered a fugitive.

Nduku had been struggling to take care of her kids, a reason why she moves back home to live with her parents two years ago. She had three children to take care of, a 5-, 6-year-old and the one that died.

It appears part of that move was because Nduku’s business did not do well, a problem she had to deal with to sustain the needs of her family. The disagreement with her parents appeared to have worsened matters, a reason why she poisoned her children. There was no mention of the biological father of the kids or where he could be at.

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