Migrants from Colombia climbs through a fence along the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas
Around 1,500 Migrants Cross From Mexico Into El Paso, Texas: What To Know Photo by: AFP/Patrick T. Fallon

The National Border Patrol Council has sent a warning that agents handling the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border are overwhelmed and feeling completely defeated. Council President Brandon Judd said that as Title 42 is lifted on Dec.21, agents fear a bigger surge of migrants.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Judd said with the prospect of a growing number of migrants coming in this week agents are already hammering through the crisis with low morale.

“We just feel, we all feel just completely defeated like there’s just no point in doing our jobs. We still do it, don’t get me wrong. We still go do our job, but we just feel like there’s just absolutely no point. And so it’s just really bad.”

The council president added that El Paso is seeing a 255% spike in apprehensions. Border Patrol agents were dropping off migrants and releasing them onto the streets as over 4,600 migrants have been kept in federal custody and overwhelming the facility. While the Biden administration has highlighted its efforts in border funding along with the Department of Homeland Security’s six-point plan that involves greater use of alternative removal authorities and additional anti-smuggling efforts, Judd was dismissive of the said DHS six-point plan.

He remarked this was the same plan they have been implementing for at least a year and has been completely ineffective. Judd also cited that any extra funding will only see through the processing of migrants into the U.S. faster. As it is, the Biden administration has called on the Republicans to green-light additional funding to answer the crisis.

With Border Patrol morale now at an all-time low, agents are hammering on the administration’s current policies as they expressed their grievances. Border Patrol agents claimed that their jobs have now been reduced to mainly processing migrants rather than keeping the border secure and keeping the American people safe.

“We’re stuck taking people into custody, we’re not patrolling the border. We’re doing administrative duties — and that was never what we were supposed to do,” Judd lamented.

As for what is about to unfold after Title 42 comes to an end, Judd predicted an “immediate explosion” of migrants. He added that many of these migrants have been hesitant to come through until the end of Title 42 but after Dec. 21, all kinds of people who are camped out will start pouring as they are merely waiting for restrictions to be lifted.

Venezuelan migrants
Venezuelan migrants await the end of Title 42 in Ciudad Juarez. Photo by: Reuters/Jose Luis Gonzalez

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