The Detroit Piston owns the rights to the top overall pick of the 2021 NBA Draft and teams will try to pull off a deal if they can. The latest appears to be the Oklahoma City Thunder who reportedly dangled Shai Gilgeous-Alexander together with their no. 6 pick.

Teams are trying to move up in the coming 2021 NBA Draft and the Pistons are the unsurprising target. But if the recent pitch is to be the barometer, it may take much to convince Detroit to agree to a deal.

And that said, the number of teams who may have plans of trading up may have to be prepared to offer a ton of assets to convince the Pistons or other top teams to agree.

The Thunder are at no. 6 in the 2021 NBA Draft, a position that isn’t that bad. Gilgeous-Alexander and the rights to that pick seem reasonable but it seems clear that Detroit is not interested in any deal right now. The 2021 NBA Draft is slated to happen on July 29, 2021.

The target of most teams is Cade Cunningham, the consensus no. 1 pick out of Oklahoma City. There is still a possibility that the Pistons may agree to a trade but it would have to be tempting and hard to refuse.

Also, a trade may not be limited to pre-draft night. If the Pistons do pick Cunningham, a trade thereafter could still happen. Aside from Oklahoma State product, other names that the Pistons could pick include Jalen Green and Evan Mobley.

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers admits that moving up the 2021 NBA Draft will not be easy. In the case of the Pistons, turning to youth hardly comes as a surprise. They are rebuilding and prefer to take in young blood unless a lucrative deal involving a proven high-profile player is offered plus assets.

Cade Cunningham #2 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys
Cade Cunningham #2 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys Getty Images | Gregory Shamus

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