Ben Simmons surprisingly returned to Philadelphia and most were puzzled as to why. After holding out for some time, it appeared the 25-year-old finally manned up and the reason was that he was set to lose big money.

Nothing was confirmed, that was until recently thanks to a report from the Bleacher Report. It appears a meeting between the Sixers front office and the camp of Simmons come to a point of realization for the former top pick.

Doc Rivers allegedly stressed the contract of Simmons and this likely spurred the return. The one-time NBA champion coach said: “It's in your f--king contract.”

With Simmons’ Oct. 1 money headed to escrow, it looks like the holdout has ended. However, it does not mean that all has been settled between Simmons and the Sixers.

The Aussie met with Daryl Morey and Rivers Tuesday to discuss where the trade demand was coming from. Details have yet to emerge but it is pretty clear that there remains a souring relationship that could carry on to the 2021-22 season.

For now, it appears the fire has been somehow extinguished. But the Simmons-Rivers relationship will be interested to see, at least until the 6-foot-11 is still around.

Even though he returned to Philly, it will be interesting how Rivers will handle Simmons. The same holds on how the All-Star guard will perform and if it will be at the same effort.

The damage has been made and there are other things to consider such as how Joel Embiid will co-exist with Simmons after openly saying he could not co-exist with the Cameroonian.

A Ben Simmons trade is far from closed. It may still happen this season if teams are still interested in Big Ben.

The chances of that happening will depend on how Simmons performs or how he is fielded by Rivers. On the outside, things appear headed to resolution. But it may also mean that a proper parting of ways may be in the offing.

Head coach Doc Rivers of the Philadelphia 76ers speaks with Ben Simmons
Head coach Doc Rivers of the Philadelphia 76ers speaks with Ben Simmons Getty Images | Tim Nwachukwu

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