On paper right now, the Brooklyn Nets appear to have all the right players in the mix. However, that will not stop players like Kevin Durant from trying to add more. And there is perhaps no better name to consider other than Serge Ibaka.

Durant and Ibaka go a long way. They were former teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder and that led to a strong bond between them. Both have since gone separate ways.

Most know the stock of Durant while Ibaka was always known as the junkyard dog for any team. But the 31-year-old has risen to prominence in the past years. He was an integral player for the Toronto Raptors club that won the 2018-19 NBA title.

Ibaka proved his value during that run. But as most know, the Raptors are now rebuilding. Ibaka has slid down from his starting role and there is no telling what the future holds. This offseason, he is one of the top targets by teams in free agency. The Nets are considering him and a reunion with Durant makes sense.

According to Forbes, Durant is trying to lure Ibaka to Brooklyn. While that would be something, there are several factors to consider. That includes the pay that Ibaka would get. Considering he is coming off a $65 million deal, most speculate that he will likely want something equal or better to that.

The problem for the Nets is that they may not have enough money to offer Ibaka. Most of it was invested in Durant and Kyrie Irving. Other players have $10 million or more deals. A likely scenario would see Ibaka be dangled with a lower deal. But the question there is on whether he would be open to it?

It would be best to note that Ibaka has options. The Nets are not the only ones in pursuit of his services. The Raptors are still there and could pitch an offer. The recently crowned NBA champions Los Angeles Lakers are also another option.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Lakers are targeting Ibaka for next season. Considering there remains no clarity on Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee, he is a player that would make sense adding to the purple and gold.

Hence it all boils down to what Ibaka wants moving forward – money or another NBA title. If it is the latter, another question looms – who can give him the best package to play this 2020-21 NBA season.

Kendrick Perkins #5, Kevin Durant #35 and Serge Ibaka #9 of the Oklahoma City Thunder Kendrick Perkins #5, Kevin Durant #35 and Serge Ibaka #9 of the Oklahoma City Thunder Getty Images | Kevin C. Cox