Taylor and Haley likely to be among the main plots of "Pacific Rim The Black" season 2
Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer #1 (2018) photo from www.looper.com

“Pacific Rim The Black” wrapped up a successful first season so it comes as no surprise that fans want more. Additionally, the ending of the first season of the show left most hanging. The fates of Brina and Ford are up in the air, clearly hinting that there will be a second season coming.

The first season of “Pacific Rim The Black” had 7 episodes in total, short but well-loved by fans. Add the cliffhanger ending to the mix so it comes as no surprise that a second season would be clamored for. Elie Dekel of Legendary Entertainment revealed via IGN that a second season was already picked up for two seasons even before the pilot season aired.

Hence, the announcement of a second season by Netflix hardly comes as a surprise. The production behind “Pacific Rim The Black” second season remains unknown but with plans already made even before the first season even aired, the chances of seeing the next installment should be high. It may not be surprising of the production for the second season is in the advanced stages, meaning fans of the Netflix anime could be in for a surprise announcement soon.

A logical time to wait for “Pacific Rim The Black” would be 2022. One thing going for showrunners is that it is an animated series, meaning they won’t have many issues producing the show. This should all the more raise the chances of seeing the sci-fi animated series coming out sooner than expected.

Given that there is more than enough reason to expect “Pacific Rim The Black,” the next question is what would be the plot or turns in the second season. It is likely to revolve around the two children who got displaced as a result of Kaiju’s exploits. Named Taylor and Hayley, both are now left in a dark place and are desperately searching for their parents with the help of a mobile weapon called Jaeger.

"Pacific Rim The Black" second season could be announced anytime soon.
"Pacific Rim The Black" second season could be announced anytime soon. screen grab photo from Otukart.com

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