New Telenovelas 2024
Latin Times/Courtesy TelevisaUnivision, Telemundo

The world of telenovelas is set to captivate audiences in 2024 with a lineup of dramatic, heart-wrenching, and action-packed stories. The productions slated for this year also include some firsts, big comebacks, and interesting remakes.

Fernando Colunga and Rafael Amaya return to prime time on TelevisaUnivision and Telemundo with the remake of "El Maleficio" and the ninth season of "El Señor de los Cielos," respectively. Also, Valentino Lanús is making a big comeback after a five-year break.

Kimberly dos Ramos finally gets to lead after being the antagonist for years, and get ready for a new version of the telenovela that inspired the beloved series "Jane the Virgin." There is a Mexican "Juana la virgen" in the making.

As we look forward to the new releases, let's dive into some of the most anticipated telenovelas of 2024, exploring their intriguing plots and star-studded casts.

Tu vida es mi vida

TelevisaUnivision's "Tu vida es mi vida" stars Susana González and Valentino Lanús in a poignant story of love, hope, and the power of family unity in the face of adversity. The narrative revolves around Paula (González), who quits her corporate job to spend time with her children after a life-threatening diagnosis. Produced by Angelli Nesma, the melodrama features notable names like Juan Soler and Laura Flores, weaving a tale of resilience and familial bonds. January 15, 8 pm- 7 C

"El Señor de los Cielos" T9

The saga of the la familia Casillas turned 10 years old in 2023. In 2024, the Telemundo superseries returns with its ninth season, promising to enthrall viewers with a new era in the violent and tumultuous life of Aurelio Casillas, portrayed once again by Rafael Amaya. This season sees the notorious drug lord unleashing a never-before-seen wave of violence to avenge and protect his family.

Premiering in February, "El Señor de los Cielos 9" will showcase a blend of new and returning enemies, with Aurelio showing no mercy. The cast includes the familiar faces of Carmen Aub, Isabella Castillo, Iván Arana, and Robinson Díaz. Itatí Cantoral returns to the universe of ESDLC as Belén, reprising her character from "El Chema," although there she was known as Blanca "La reina de las buchonas."

El Maleficio

This new take on a very successful telenovela is already being broadcast in México. It takes place around the life of Enrique de Martino (Colunga), a successful, attractive, and mysterious businessman whose greatness is framed by a dark and well-kept secret. Beatriz Almazan (Marlene Favela), on the other hand, is a woman devoted to her family, who has a generous heart. Their paths intertwine, and love emerges, which shakes up Enrique's plans. The production marks the return of Fernando Colunga to TelevisaUnivision. The cast is also lead by Julián Gil.

Vivir de amor

Another TelevisaUnivision production, "Vivir de amor," is a tale of envy and retribution. Separated in childhood, sisters Rebeca (Gala Montes) and Angelli (Kimberly Dos Ramos) lead contrasting lives. Rebeca, raised in poverty, seeks vengeance upon discovering her affluent sister's lifestyle. Produced by Salvador Mejía, the series explores themes of passion, hatred, and envy, featuring Emmanuel Palomares and Gaby Spanic in key roles.

Juana la virgen

This modern rendition of the Venezuelan telenovela, also adapted into the U.S. series "Jane the Virgin," is produced by W Studios for TelevisaUnivision. Starring Camila Valero (Silvia Pinal's great-granddaughter and Sylvia Pasquel's granddaughter) and Brandon Peniche, it tells the story of a young woman's unexpected pregnancy due to artificial insemination. The show, featuring Fabiola Guajardo and Irina Baeva, blends charm and drama in its narrative.

El amor no tiene receta

Described as an ambitious project with an original storyline, "El amor no tiene receta" from TelevisaUnivision stars Claudia Martín and Daniel Elbittar under Juan Osorio's production. This melodrama, featuring Altair Jarabo and Azela Robinson, showcases the journey of Paz and Esteban from different social backgrounds, proving that love transcends all barriers.

Marea de Pasiones

Showrunner Giselle González, known for hits like "Caer en tentación," is launching a new telenovela starring Oka Giner and Matías Novoa. This yet-to-be-titled drama, centering around Luisa (Giner) and her love Marcelo (Novoa), promises a narrative filled with danger, secrets, and betrayals. Alejandro de la Madrid and Margarita Muñoz will portray the antagonists in this gripping story of love and mystery.

These telenovelas, each with their own unique storylines and stellar casts, are sure to dominate television screens and social media conversations in 2024. Their mix of romance, drama, and suspense continues to prove why the genre remains a powerhouse in global entertainment.

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