Wish you were luckier? Well, here’s a secret: getting lucky isn’t always accidental. Following a few of these traditions on New Year’s Eve is said to usher in good luck, prosperity, and harmony into your life. And the best part? They’re pretty easy to follow!

1) Eating 12 grapes: Grapes signify good luck and prosperity. And, eating 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve is said to invoke good luck for each month of the year. This practice is quite common among Spaniards and is said to be really effective.

12 grapes We eat 12 grapes one with each toll of the clock when midnight strikes. Each grape represents one month of the year and eating them is supposed to bring you luck. A lot of people throw in an extra one, for extra luck. Shutterstock/ auremar

2) Getting picky about your panties: Well, peculiar as it may seem, but truth be told, your choice of panty can make a world of difference to your lucky streak in the New Year. Choose yellow underwear if you wish to bring forth good luck, and pick red if you wish to get lucky in love. For the longest time, wearing black underwear on New Year’s Eve is frowned upon, as it is said to bring bad luck.

Red underwear A lot of people buy new underwear. If you’re looking for love, your best choice is to wear red underwear, as it is believed that it will help you find your soulmate and/or give you an amorous year. Shutterstock/ Rocketclips, Inc

3) Wish to travel? Go in circles: If traveling has been on your mind, you might want to give this quirky tradition a try. Walk around your room or the house in circles with a suitcase. Doing so on New Year’s Eve is said to significantly improve your chances of travel in the New Year.

travel End Summer With a Cultural Getaway. The Palm Beaches Offers Travelers 'Fun in The Sun' Before Summer's End Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

4) Singing a carol: Well, this might seem like a Christmas tradition, but the practice is said to bring forth a great deal of goodness. So, sing a carol on New Year’s Eve and expect a year as melodious and pleasant as the carol!

Spanish Christmas Carols Get in the Christmas spirit with these Spanish carols! Shutterstock/ Alena Ozerova

5) Get some silver: Giving is a powerful act. The more you give, the higher are your chances to receive. But, this time around, watch some magic unfold as you hold! How about holding a silver coin at midnight on New Year’s Eve? The tradition is said to turbocharge your luck factor!

Silver coin Holding a silver coin on New Year's Eve is said to bring good luck. amazonaws

6) Consuming lentils: For the longest time, eating lentils on New Year’s Eve was associated with good luck. Turns out, the Chinese tradition of eating lentils when the clock strikes 12 invokes a great deal of prosperity.

Carrot Custard With Zucchini And Lentils Image Chef James Tahhan

7) A clean sweep: In Feng shui, it is often believed that releasing clutter could make a world of difference to your well-being and prosperity. It holds true to a large extent because cleansing is often associated with doing away with old stagnant energies and making way for new and better opportunities. So, give your house a good sweep just before the New Year’s Day and watch the magic unfold!

Cleaning Cleaning the house symbolizes ridding the house of evil spirits as you dust them away. It means starting the year fresh, with positive energy and a clean soul. However, in some places they would rather have a “dirty” house, since sweeping the house on New Year’s Eve means that you’re sweeping your luck away. Shutterstock/ limpido

8) Throwing a bucket of water outside the window: Throwing a bucket of water outside your door or window signifies renewal. The act of cleansing is also considered to bring in good luck.

Bucket The next custom is to fill up a cup or bucket with water and toss it onto the front yard or out the window. This means that you will have less tears the following years. This tradition varies within countries, as in Puerto Rico it is believed that throwing the water out the window cleans the old year out. In some parts of Colombia if you throw a pan of water over your shoulder, you will be warding off all the back luck from the previous year. Shutterstock/ ConstantinosZ

9) Wearing white: If white happens to be your favorite color, you are in for some luck. Wearing white underwear or even decking up in white outfits on the New Year’s Eve is said to usher in good luck and fortune.

Celebrities Slaying In White Shorts Actress Landry Bender pairs a white jacket and shorts with an eyelet cropped top with ruffled neckline. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

10) Stashing cash: Hiding money around the house is said to be a great way to bring in luck. Practically speaking, the idea works better when you forget about it, only to find unexpected money when you discover it again in a couple of months.

money Representational image. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash