Let’s face it, we all make New Year’s resolutions and swear that we will keep them, but by the time February comes along, we have long given up on the promises we have made to eat better, lose weight and all the other typical resolutions. Rather than setting unrealistic goals for ourselves, we should make resolutions that are easier to stick with and that will in the long run improve our lives and make us feel good about ourselves.

For example, if you are looking to shake up your routine in 2018 and try new things, take a few classes and learn something new that people may find unique and exciting. Maybe take an archery class, or learn how to ride a horse. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, take an adult beginner class and add a fun new hobby to 2018.

Many resolutions have to do with your health or losing weight. You don’t need some crazy fad diet to drop those few extra pounds. If you want to lose weight in 2017 start by looking at your eating habits, if you are a junk food person, try replacing the chips and dip with carrots. Do you love soda? Try only drinking it with dinner. At work it's easy to hit the vending machines for a sugary cola as a pick-me-up. Replace your afternoon soda with a tea or water and reward yourself at dinner with a coke. It's the little things that can add up to big weight loss.

When planning for the New Year, we often set goals for ourselves, but there are others in our household who could stand to learn a few new tricks in 2018. Don’t forget about your pet, especially your dog. A good resolution for the family pet is to keep them active and healthy. By making sure your dog gets at least 30-minutes of exercise each day you will also help yourself stay active and fit, not to mention some quality time with Fido after work is good for the soul.