A baby from Mexico was reported dead at birth last Wednesday, yet he turned alive. However, the happy atmosphere disappeared when the baby died on Sunday.

Mexico News Daily said premature baby Jesus Sebastian was thought dead at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) No.16 General Hospital in Torreon. He was born to a mother who was 23 weeks pregnant at the time of his birth.

Doctors thought Jesus Sebastian died after delivery. Therefore, he was taken to the hospital morgue. The incident was ruled a stillbirth, healthcare experts said.

Daniela Hernandez, the baby's mother, told the physicians that she had seen her child move. The doctors, on the other hand, were solid in their initial opinion. They claimed it was just a reflex movement of a dead baby.

According to reports, the family signed a death certificate. They insisted, though, on seeing the four-day-old baby to make sure he was truly dead. When the morgue staff saw that Jesus Sebastian was still alive, they attempted to save him.

Sebastian's family has been asking for prayers for the baby's health since he was admitted to the hospital a few days ago.

According to Mexican news site El Siglo Torreon, the baby was doing well until he died Sunday. According to the family's lawyer Jesus Jasso, medical findings said the baby experienced two heart attacks.

The family filed a case against the hospital after the baby died due to claimed medical negligence. The investigation will be carried out by officials in Coahuila.

"Whoever is responsible should be held liable because that was medical negligence," the baby's family said.

According to reports, the IMSS is also conducting its own inquiry into the situation. The hospital stated that all those involved would be investigated, their actions would be scrutinized, and punishments would be imposed if anomalies were discovered.

"We regret the suffering the family of the minor went though," said Coahuila Human Rights Commission head Hugo Morales, adding that the commission will also launch an investigation, even though it has yet to receive any complaint from the family.

According to Jasso, medical workers involved in the case could face charges of medical negligence or perhaps homicide.

It wasn't the first time a Mexican baby was declared dead and then discovered alive. Mexico News Daily said another newborn infant, who had been declared dead by doctors, was discovered alive inside a morgue refrigerator by a funeral company on October 21 of last year.

Doctors from Puebla City's primary hospital, La Margarita, confirmed the baby dead as well. The youngster was taken to the mortuary about 4 a.m. after medical workers from the healthcare institution informed the parents that the infant was dead.

According to the funeral home driver, the baby was then placed in the morgue refrigerator, where the baby began to cry and move around 10 a.m.

The hospital launched at least two separate investigations into the incident. Governor of Puebla, Mexico's Luis Miguel Barbosa, has also stated that he intends to seek criminal charges against those responsible.

[Representational image] un nouveau-né est couché sur une table à langer, le 05 juin 2001 juste après sa naissance, au service maternité de l'hôpital franco-britannique de Levallois-Perret. DIDIER PALLAGES/AFP via Getty Images

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