Nicki Nicole new life
Latin Times/Courtesy Nicki Nicole

MIAMI - Argentinian singing and songwriter sensation Nicki Nicole made headlines recently for her resilience and unwavering dedication to her career despite her very public breakup with fellow Mexican star Peso Pluma.

While her ex is in the midst of a new media scandal (accused of leaving a Marijuana store without paying) Nicki Nicole has been attending several events at Paris Fashion Week, where she has been seen hobnobbing with the best of the global entertainment industry, including a particular Chinese star.

Two weeks ago, she was seen in a Miami club with some of the top stars in Latin music. While she looks more serious than usual, it's clear that this powerhouse is managing to nurse her heart and keep working.

Nicki Nicole at the Lacoste event

For the second year in a row, the Argentinian artist was invited to attend the unveiling of Greek-American designer Pelagia Kolotouros' first collection with Lacoste. The event, part of Paris Fashion Week, took place on the courts of Roland Garros Stadium, the mecca of tennis, on a clay court.

All eyes were on the court, where high fashion models and celebrities Emma Roberts, Mel C, and Grace Jones walked the beautiful collection. But once the show was over, Latin music fans couldn't believe their eyes. Next to Nicki Nicole was Wang Yibo.

Who is Wang Yibo?

Known for his multi-faceted talents in singing, acting, and motorcycling, Wang Yibo became famous as a member of the Chinese-Korean boy band Uniq. He is a sensation in the Asian entertainment industry and has a significant following worldwide.

He has been said to star in the romance movie "The Mermaid," expected to start production soon. This follows previous successes in shows like "The Untamed" and his participation as a captain in the reality show "Street Dance of China" season 6, where he demonstrated his impressive dance skills​​​​.

Nicki Nicole heals

The meeting between the two powerhouses comes amidst Nicki Nicole's personal challenges following her split with Peso Pluma, who had been singing her praises at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

The breakup, confirmed by Nicki Nicole herself, was a result of infidelity on the part of Peso Pluma, as she indicated in a poignant social media post emphasizing respect and care in a relationship.

Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma breakup
Latin Times/Courtesy Nicki Nicole/Instagram Stories

"Respect is a necessary part of love. What you love, you respect. What you respect, you take care of. When you're not taken care of, and when there's no respect... I don't stay there. I leave," the statement began, concluding with a heartfelt revelation, "With much pain, know that I found out the same way you all did, thank you for the love you are sending me." - Nicki Nicole

Despite these personal setbacks, Nicki Nicole's career hasn't missed a beat. She continues to shine in the music scene and appear at significant events. This weekend she will start a four-show stint at the Buenos Aires Movistar Arena, with a capacity of 15,000 people. On March 21, she will hold her first concert at Spain's biggest concert hall, Madrid's WizInk Center.

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