Actor Vin Diesel shared on his Facebook a snippet of Nicky Jam's new song "Without you," and called it an upcoming hit for 2017.

Nicky played the new song while Vin recorded a video with his phone revealing what he thought of it while listening to the track that will be debuted in January.

“Without you” is a very catchy single that praises “A cloud without the sky, a Christmas tree without the lights, I will never be alright without you.” In the video, Vin, Nicky and some other friends dance to the song with the beach as their background.

According to Billboard, Nicky said he and Diesel had become good friends and might even work on new music together in the future.

“Vin Diesel is crazy, and when I say crazy, I mean it in a good way," Nicky said. "He's crazy about Latinos and he's not even a Latino. He even wants to speak Spanish. I told him we should do a song together and he said he was shy. But I said, 'I'm no actor, but I'm acting in front of you. I wasn't scared.”

"Fénix" is the name of his new album that will have more than 20 songs and 19 espectacular music videos including "Hasta El Amanecer" and "El Amante."  To promote this last single, he posted the following video on his Instagram.

Nicky Jam will also play the role of Lazarus on his big screen debut next month starring alongside Diesel in the Hollywood film “xXx: Return of Xander Cage.” The Puerto Rican singer was also featured in the movie's original song "In My Foreign" by The Americanos.