Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong
U.S. Dismisses Russia's Reaction to Abrams Tanks: 'Heard That Line Before' Photo by Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images

Kim Jong Un’s sister slammed the U.S. over its decision to send their main battle tanks to Ukraine. Kim Yo Jong accused Washington of trying to escalate its “proxy war” claiming that the only aim of the U.S. was to use the war as a means to destroy Moscow. She insisted that the “hegemonic policy” of the West forced Russia’s hand to defend its security interests.

According to the Associated Press, the recent comments from the North Korean supreme leader’s sister followed after the country underscored its deepening alignment with Russia over its war with Ukraine. Simultaneously, North Korea confronted the U.S. and its allies over its ever-growing nuclear weapons program.

On Wednesday, the U.S. announced that it would send 31 of its M1A1 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine. This was a reversal of arguments made by the U.S. that its tanks would be too difficult for Ukrainian troops to operate and maintain. The decision followed right after Germany agreed to send 14 Leopard 2 A6 battle tanks to Ukraine.

Following this decision, Kim Yo Jong cited how the Biden administration was crossing the red line. She added that the decision reflected the U.S.’ sinister intentions to realize its hegemonic aim, by escalating the conflict and eventually laying siege to Russia. “I do not doubt that any military hardware the U.S. and the West boast of will be burnt into pieces in the face of the indomitable fighting spirit and might of the heroic Russian army and people,” she said.

As the Deputy Department Director of the Workers’ Party Public Information Department, she reiterated that North Korea will always stand in the same trench with Russia.

Other than Russia and Syria, North Korea is the only country to recognize the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk, which are separatist regions in eastern Ukraine that are backed by Russia. North Korea has also hinted that it would send workers to the two regions to help with rebuilding efforts. While the war in Ukraine rages on, North Korea has used it as an opportunity to accelerate its weapons development. Last year, the North had test-fired more than 70 missiles, including those capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Some of these missiles are believed to have the capability of reaching the U.S. mainland.

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