November is Puerto Rican Heritage Month! It has been celebrated every November since the late 1980s in New York. The annual celebration acknowledges Puerto Rican contributions to the culture and prosperity of New York City. Puerto Ricans are one of the abundant communities that define New York City.

It was officially proclaimed by New York Mayor Rudy Giulani in 1998. The non-profit Comité Noviembre was instrumental in making this happen. The 35-year-old non-profit organization was created to commemorate and pay tribute to the contributions that Puerto Ricans have made to this nation. Throughout November, the accomplishments, culture, and history of Puerto Ricans is celebrated and honored.

In honor of Puerto Rican Heritage Month, we gathered a list of 15 comic book artists and writers to check out. Boricuas have been a staple in the comic industry for decades, from legends like George Perez to new trailblazers like graphic novelist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. (Stay tuned for comic book legends tribute)

Check out this list of talented Boricuas in the comic book industry including writers, artists, colorist, and pencilers that have worked on children's books, independent comics or even books with the big two - DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

1. Wilfredo Torres

wtorres / dc comics
wtorres / batman Wilfredo Torres/ DC
Comic Book Artist Wilfredo Torres
Comic Book Artist Wilfredo Torres leagueofcomicgeeks
Dc’s Trinity art by Wilfredo Torres colors by Daniela Miwa
Dc’s Trinity art by Wilfredo Torres colors by Daniela Miwa Wilfredo Torres / DC Comics

Wilfredo Torres is an illustrious comic book creator whose work can be seen in titles including Black Panther, Moon Knight, Bang!, Batman '66, Superman '78, The Shadow, and more. Torres is a self-taught comic book artist and illustrator best known for his work on The Shadow: Year One and Batman '66 comic. He has worked as a penciler, inker and cover artist for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Dynamite Entertainment, Valiant, Boom! and more! You can see his classic pencils and styling on Mark Millars Jupiter’s Circle, the prequel of Jupiter’s Legacy.

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2. Félix Serrano

Thief of Thieves #11 - colourist
Thief of Thieves #11 - colourist (Skybound) League of Comic Geeks/ Skybound
Felix Serrano
Felix Serrano - comic book colourist Felix Serrano
Project FRECKLELEGEND - Felix Serrano digital illustration
Project FRECKLELEGEND - Felix Serrano digital illustration Felix Serrano digital illustration

Native Nuyorican Félix Serrano is a professional comic book colourist, and digital illustrator who began his career in 1998 working for Marvel Comics in their title Generation X. His first work for DC Comics, JLA Secret Files was also published that year. He has also worked for some Batman titles until the early 2000s, and most recently he has been working for IDW Publishing, Image Comics and Marvel Comics. Classically trained in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture at Laguardia, Felix also attended the School of Visual Arts for Illustration where he studied under Walter Simonson. Shortly after, he began his career in comics as a color artist and freelance Illustrator, with a portfolio including Darkness, The Punisher MAX, X-Men Unlimited, Black Panther: Most Dangerous Man Alive, Batman - No Man's Land, Young Justice and more. Serrano has been known mostly for his work on Robert Kirkman's Thief of Thieves for Skybound Entertainment.

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3. Gustavo Vázquez

A pinup of the updated Thundercats, based on characters from the animated series
A pinup of the updated Thundercats, based on characters from the animated series Gustavo Vazquez
Gustavo Vazquez Gustavo Vazquez
vazquezissuedcflashflash Gustavo Vazquez/ DC

Born in la isla, and raised in New York City, Gus Vázquez has been a professional comic book artist for over 25 years. His work has appeared in many fields such as comic books, character design, websites, storyboards, logo designs and more. He has an extensive portfolio in many different areas of visual art such as painting, sculpting, photography, digital, and traditional pen and ink. His work can be seen on titles such as the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Deadpool, Spider-Man, JLA, Green Arrow, Suicide Squad, The Flash and more. He was also the original artist for Big Hero 6, which was made into the film by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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4. Sabrina Cintrón

The Witches’ Grimoire_Sabrina Cintron Sabrina Cintron
IMG_1014 2
Sabrina Cintron Sabrina Cintron
Sabrina Cintron (Penciler)_LaBorinquena Sabrina Cintron (Penciler) / LaBorinquena

Sabrina Cintrón is a Connecticut-based illustrator, musician and comics artist who has quickly become one of the most versatile young artists out today. She studied Fine Art at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida, and is a self-taught digital artist. She made her professional illustration debut in 2016 with the release of the acclaimed La Borinqueña #1, an independent comic book published by Somos Arte. Her most recent works include John Leguizamo’s Freak Comix and Ricanstruction, a comics anthology from Somos Arte and DC Comics, where the proceeds went to Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico. She released her first ever art book, The Witches’ Grimoire, an illustrated collection of thirty-one witches that began as daily character designs.

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5. Javier Cruz Winnik

A Reason To Smile 4 books_Javier Cruz Winnik Javier Cruz Winnik
Javier Cruz Winnik 2017 convention Nadya Martinez (self) 2017
Saladeen1Cover_Javier Cruz Winnik Javier Cruz Winnik

NYC educator/artist Javier Cruz Winnik is a self-published author and illustrator. He is a contributing creator in the Eisner Winning, Puerto-Rico Strong anthology, Ricanstruction anthology, and the creator of A Reason To Smile. Through a successful Kickstarter campaign he funded A Reason to Smile, a great motivational children’s book about a little Puerto Rican girl from NYC who always finds the bright side when presented with life’s challenges. He graduated with a BA in Studio Art, after earning the Honorable Mention and Best in Show awards at Lynchburg College, and studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He began showing his art at the Big Apple Con back in 2008, and has been tabling at conventions nationally ever since. After the success of his first independent book he has gone on to fund 2 more books, selling over 3,000 copies. He is now the cover artist on the independent comic book, The Adventures of Saladeen, Keeper of the Flame.

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6. Eric Jimenez

Eric Jimenez_Temporal-Cover Eric Jimenez
Eric Jimenez Eric Jimenez
Eric Jimenez_laborinquenapinup Eric Jimenez

Puerto Rican Chicago native Eric Jimenez, is a freelance illustrator, creative director, and writer. Eric is an experienced staff supervisor, penciler, inker, colorist, and letterer, having worked on properties for professional comic book publishers, such as DC Comics, DC Vertigo, BOOM! Studios, Bongo Comics, and Soleil. He studied traditional illustration and painting, as well as digital art, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from DePaul University. He worked on the anthology featuring La Borinqueña for the independent New York-based publisher Somos Arte, and his work on the series was exhibited at New York's Smithsonian. He is currently working on a creator-owned project, Temporal.

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7. Vita Ayala

The+Wilds_Ayala(writer) Vita Ayala
Ayala_BAM Expo blackcomixfest Nadya Martinez (self) 2019 BAM Expo
STATIC+#1+Randolf+cover_DC (Ayala-writer) DC Comics/ Ayala

Vita Ayala is a queer Afro-Puerto Rican writer born and bred in New York City. Their work includes The Wilds (Black Mask Studios), Supergirl (DC), Xena Warrior Princess (Dynamite), Morbius: The Living Vampire (Marvel), Livewire (Valiant), and Submerged (Vault), among others. Before Ayala began freelancing as a writer, they worked in book retail, event coordination, building management, and other occupations. Ayala now writes both comics and prose fiction, and has written for publishers such as: Black Mask Studios, DC, Dynamite, IDW, Image Comics, Macmillan, Marvel Comics, Realm, Valiant, and Vault Comics. Their creator owned works include Quater Killer, Submerged and The Wilds. Some of their notable work includes Wonder Woman, Nubia, and Static for DC Comics.

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8. Emilio Lopez

EmannLand Emilio Lopez
excellence-12_7ed5d99de5_Randolph/Lopez Image Comics/ Emilio Lopez
fabok-digitally paintemilio-lopez-batman-arkham-knight-limited-edition-comic-cover-by-e-mann-d7yg6sf
fabok-digitally paintbyemilio-lopez-batman-arkham-knight-limited-edition-comic-cover-by-e-mann- Emilio Lopez

Emilio Lopez is a freelance illustrator, designer, animator, and colorist. Lopez has been a professional freelance artist for over 20 years having worked in almost all aspects of entertainment from animation, comic books, trading card games, licensing art and video games. Some of his most notable projects are providing work for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Venture Bros, Metalocalypse, Black Dynamite, MGSV, ZONE OF THE ENDERS THE 2nd RUNNER : M∀RS, Contra and Bio Shock Remastered. When it comes to comics you are sure to see Lopez's beautiful colors and cover art. He has provided color and illustrations for Boom! Studios, Skybound, Aspen, DC , Image, and Marvel comics. He is a colorist/artist alongside Khary Randolph on the hit Image Comics series Excellence, written by Brandon Thomas.

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9. Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

Ricanstruction_TonyDaniel Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez
Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez_ npr_edgardomirandarodriguez_wide-8f7d6ca0b295762235540a727214455cffbed8b5-s800-c85
LaBorinquena_BillSienkiewicz-EdgardoMiranda-Rodriguez- Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is a philanthropist, activist, curator and graphic novelist, most notably recognized as the writer and creator of the critically acclaimed and bestselling superhero series La Borinqueña. Miranda-Rodriguez is also a writer at Marvel Entertainment, Editor-in-Chief at Darryl Makes Comics LLC, Art Director/Owner at Somos Arte and Studio Edgardo creative services. He is the recipient of Eisner's Humanitarian Award for his philanthropic efforts via the benefit anthology Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico featuring La Borinqueña teaming up with Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and other DC Comics heroes. La Borinqueña is an original character and patriotic symbol, her powers are drawn from history and mysticism found on the island of Puerto Rico.

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10. Ralph Henriquez

Henry Q Comics_FuerzaComic Henry Q Comics_FuerzaComic
Henry Q Comics_FuerzaComic Henry Q Comics_FuerzaComic
Henry Q Comics_FuerzaComic Henry Q Comics_FuerzaComic

Ralph Henriquez is an award-winning filmmaker and independent comic book publisher. He works as a VFX artist & 3D Animator for his company HenryQ Productions as well as the publisher of Henry Q Comics. With a mission to strive for diverse storytelling and showcase Latin characters in a positive image, HenryQ Comics tells stories of Latinx characters in the action genre. Featured in the comics are two powerful Latina characters, Fuerza, in her self-titled comic book, and Agent Garcia in Rage in the Shadows. Fuerza is the story of courage, determination, family and honor. Her purpose is to protect and defend and rid the Earth from any intergalactic or extraterrestrial assault against humanity. Rage in the Shadows is the story of fearlessness, motivation, protection and vengeance.

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11. Chris Batista

MarvelChrisBatista MarvelChrisBatista
portrait_uncanny_Batista MarvelChrisBatista
cafeconcomics2016_pictured left Nadya Martinez (self) cafeconcomics 2016

Chris Batista (center) is a NYC based comic book artist, known for his work on a number of titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including Steel, Spaceknights, Thunderbolts, JLA and Wonder Woman. He has been a staple in the comic industry since the 90’s. Batista is an alumnus of Manhattan's School of Visual Arts, having studied under the legend Klaus Janson, who helped obtain for him his first professional work. Batista has contributed to a number of titles include Steel, Spider-Man 2099, Spaceknights, Thunderbolts, The Legion, and JLA. He also penciled an arc of DC's Robin with Chuck Dixon. He has recently penciled the second volume of Booster Gold, starring the eponymous time-traveling hero.

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12. Will Rosado

Scan_090217_0010BirdsofPrey#35_Will Rosado
BirdsofPrey#35_Will Rosado BirdsofPrey#35_Will Rosado/DC
_Will Rosado _Will Rosado
Tec_palmer_inks_1DetectiveComics_Will Rosado
DetectiveComics_Will Rosado DetectiveComics_Will Rosado/DC

William Rosado is a New York City based illustrator, penciler, inker and cover artist specializing in comic books and storyboards. Soon after graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 1993, he got his break working for Marvel Comics as a penciler on the title G.I. Joe. Soon after he became a regular penciller on DC Comics The New Titans and Green-Arrow. He also worked on some of the Batman and Superman titles during his time at DC in the 90's. He eventually started working in advertising doing designs and storyboards. By 2001 he was back at DC Comics with illustrations for Birds of Prey and Nightwing, as well as storyboard art. He has worked for Marvel Entertainment, DC, Crossgen, IDW, Lionforge, Brand New School, BUCK, Transistor, Pysop/Mass Market, Eyeball, Coke, Verizon, IKEA, Nissan. He is currently working as a freelancer splitting his time between comics and advertising.

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13. Ralph Anthony “Rags” Morales

DOCTOR DOOM/ Rags Morales Rags Morales/ Marvel
The Reading Lists
Rag Morales The Reading Lists_Rag Morales
Blackbolt_Rags Morales Rags Morales/Marvel

Ralph Anthony Morales who goes by the pseudonym Rags Morales is a New York City comic book artist, penciller, inker and cover artist. “Rags” is known for his work on various books for DC Comics, including Identity Crisis, Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Batman Confidential, and The New 52 reboot of then Superman-centric Action Comics. He is a 1988 graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Arts, where he met Barbara Kesel, who got him his first professional work, pencilling for 17 issues of Forgotten Realms. He is a co-creator of Black Condor (1990s), first published in 1989. For over 28 years he has worked for many publishers including DC Comics, Dark Horse, TSR inc, Valiant/Acclaim, Wizards of the West Coast, Wizard Magazine. In 2016 he began teaching Story Adaptation at the Joe Kubert School for Cartooning and Graphic Art.

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14. Chris Sotomeyer

Chris_Sotomayor Chris_Sotomayor
Chris_Sotomayor Marvel Fandom
Savage #Spiderman cover by #GerardoSandoval and SotoColor, homaging the classic Spider-Man #1 cover by Todd McFarlane. Sotocolor_marvel

One of the industry's best colorist, Chris Sotomayor is a professional colorist, illustrator and cover artist. His work includes titles such as Captain Marvel, Avengers, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, Supreme Power, and Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four. His clients include Marvel, DC, Target, Motown, Disney, Hasbro, and more. He currently teaches courses on the online comics school Comics Experience.

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15. Juan Fernandez

Lines: Paolo Pantalena Colors: Me ( Juan Fernandez)
Line art: NAR Colors : ( Juan Fernandez)
juanfernandez juanfernandez

Another top colorist in the industry is Juan Fernandez from Isabela, Puerto Rico. Juan is a freelance aritst and a master with Photoshop. He is a colorist with an extensive portfolio including publishers such as Marvel, DC, IDW, Image, Aspen Comics and Zenescope with work including titles such as Black Panther Unconquered, Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse, Giant-Size X-Men: Thunderbird and Carnage: Black.

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