It comes to no surprise that President Barack Obama has been extremely vocal of the importance of electing Hilary Clinton as our next president. As his presidency enters his finals months, naturally he wants to ensure the good of the country and there is no better choice that Clinton in his eyes.

According to Real Clear Politics, the future if this country depends on this election. In a interview on Steve Harvey's morning radio show, Obama expressed his concerns and urged voters to go to the polls and cast the right vote: Clinton!

President Barack Obama President Barack Obama boards Air Force One. Getty Images

Obama held nothing back as he expressed the importance of having Clinton be his successor. He also urged voters that by not voting for Hilary, Donald Trump has a better chance at the coveted seat.

“If you don’t vote, that’s a vote for Trump,” Obama said. “If you vote for a third-party candidate who’s got no chance to win, that’s a vote for Trump.” While the POTUS is stating the obvious, his admission of voting for a person that doesn’t have a chance working out in Trump’s favor addresses how crucial this election is.

“People just do not give her credit, and part of it maybe is because she’s a woman and we have not elected a woman president before,” Obama said. “But here’s somebody who, as I said at the convention, is as qualified as anybody who has ever run for this office, and she’s been on the right side of the issues that we care about, and we need to support her and that begins by making sure that everybody is registered and everybody is voting. The stakes in this election is so high.”

Judgment day is right around the corner. Make sure you get out to the polls.

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