"One Piece" chapter 1002 spoilers are out and the battle between Supernova and Yonko continues. Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law continue to show off their new techniques, as well as their adversaries, Kaido and Big Mom.

According to the confirmed spoilers, Kaido and Big Mom will launch thunder-based attacks that hit Luffy. However, the protagonist remains unscathed thanks to the properties of his devil fruit. Luffy then counters with a new technique called "Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling."

Also, Kaido is shocked to see Zoro wielding Kozuki Oden's Enma. Meanwhile, Killer might be the first man down as he's hit by Big Mom's attack called "Indra."

Aside from the battle continuing, there are other storylines to consider. There is a suggestion that Rocks is still alive and possibly hiding in Wanokuni. If he is still alive, Eustass Kid will allegedly join them as allies because he and Rocks are allegedly related.

According to Black Toro, they could be father and son or uncle and nephew. This part is not quite clear at this point although it suggests that both will be blood-related. For now, it would be best to take these suggestions with a grain of salt.

The Wano arc will continue with Luffy still left facing Big Mom and Kaido. Based on some fan suggestions, Luffy will remain all confident with Kaido egging him to give it all he’s got. Luffy will start blasting and be made to think that he has the upper hand. That is until Kaido recovers and retaliates to stun Luffy.

One Piece
Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook

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