“One Piece” Chapter 1027 will soon be out and fans have lots to look forward to in this chapter.

For fans who are having second thoughts on knowing the events that will transpire in this chapter, this is the time to do so.

In a recent leak, it seems the chapter will begin with the continuation of the battle at the rooftop. Luffy, Yamato and Momonosuke are holding their own against Kaido, whose powers are starting to weaken. As a result, Onigashima is on the verge of crashing potentially on the Flower capital.

To make matters worse, the floating island is packed with weapons and explosives. Should it make contact with the Flower Capital, the impact and damage are said to be immeasurable.

Luffy tells Yamato and Momonosuke to leave Kaido to him and focus on stopping the island from crashing. Yamato explains that as a dragon, Momonosuke has the ability to create flame clouds that can hold off the island.

The scene then shifts to the live floor, where Zoro and King are fighting. The latter transforms to his Zoan form and goes on a rampage, attacking allies and foes without regard using his air-slashing skills. Franky arrives at the scene and offered his help to Zoro, but the swordsman refuses.

Zoro was able to counter his attacks with a new technique called "Ultra Tiger Hunt" and he manages to hit King's mask, revealing a portion of his face.

Enraged, King takes Zoro out of the castle and falls off the island. Zoro uses another new technique called "Clearance" to propel him back to the island. He says if he's going to die, at least allow him to die with a sword or else he won't forgive him. King, just as mad, tells him that he can't forgive him either for almost revealing his face. The chapter ends.

According to the leakers, there will be no break next week and there will be a color spread for the next chapter. The chapter is expected to arrive within three days.

One Piece
Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook

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