According to historians, the specific origins of poker are yet to be agreed upon. For instance, some believe poker derived from a domino-card game played by a Chinese emperor in the 10th century. Whereas others are sure poker emerged from a game called 'A Nas,' a Persian card game, dating back to the 16th century.

The poker game most are familiar with today in the US is the one derived from a French parlour game called Poque. Which emerged in the 1800s as a result of French traders and sailors importing goods to New Orleans. Over the years, several influences, such as the British game called Brag, derived from a German bluffing game, played a part in remodelling poker rules.

However, in the last century, poker rules and the deck size have remained the same, but the way people are playing poker has changed dramatically. What was once exclusively an in-person game made its debut online in the 90s as the internet and computers became more accessible to the public.

As a result, there were multiple poker rooms for people to join. In addition, a flurry of helpful reading material for poker players to improve their skills. And even the chance to join prolific poker events such as the world series of poker tournaments. As such, a large audience swept online to try their luck at winning big cash prizes. To fathom why people enjoy playing Texas hold 'em either online or in-person, this article divulges the differences and similarities for both.

Online Poker

Welcome Offers

The generous welcome offers online from top casino providers are among the many reasons why people are attracted to online iGaming platforms with poker games. The best offers are available to new players who sign up. Incentives sometimes include a matched bonus or free cash to play online.

The opportunity to play with an online casino's cash means players can try out and practice playing poker without spending their own money first.

Live Casino

Online casinos offer players an immersive gaming experience in the form of live casinos. The live casino option allows viewers to see the dealer and interact. Plus, there is often a chat box that enables players to converse with their contenders too.

Online casino options such as this allow players to get as close as possible to a poker game without having to leave their house.

Play from Anywhere

With a device and internet connection, gamblers can join a poker game from anywhere in the world. This is a significant advantage for players who live far away from a physical casino or otherwise prefer playing poker in the comfort of their own home.

Multiple Poker Tables

Some poker providers online give players the option to play multiple poker tables at once. This is perfect for experienced poker players, who are eager to keep up their concentration and defeat impatience.

It is common for professional poker players to frequent online casinos that offer them the choice to play multiple games at once.

Poker at the Casino

See Opponents Physical Cues

Experienced players with a broad skill set will be able to spot physical tells about their opponents during in-person competitions. From confidence to nervousness, physical cues can give players a hint about what move they should make next.

But on the other hand. Just as a player can detect other people's body language, their opponents could be doing the same!

Luxurious and Exciting Surroundings

A lot of physical casinos have one thing in common. Their interior is luxurious and inviting, from the Sun City Casino Resort in Africa to the City of Dreams casino in Macau and the Wynn in Las Vegas.

Beautiful and extravagant surroundings entice some players to head to the casino when they are in the mood to play poker.

Play for An Audience

For social butterflies, who love to showcase their poker skills, the casino setting for playing poker is a must. A casino's poker tables are open for all to see. As such, poker players will find passers-by eager to watch and see how players are performing.

This is ideal for experienced poker players that enjoy the buzz of an audience watching and cheering them on.

Online Poker Vs. Poker at the Casino: how to choose

A few factors impact which setting players tend to lead towards to play poker.

  1. Confidence and experience playing poker
  2. Accessibility to either a land-based casino or internet and device
  3. Whether contenders prefer to play poker in a location of their choosing or enjoy the buzz of the casino

Poker has gained a vast audience thanks to the poker boom instigated by Chris Moneymaker WSOP win in 2003.

People of all backgrounds, experience, wealth, and statuses have access to play poker. The game's inclusive nature has led people from across the world to join, including celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Jennifer Tilley, and Christiano Ronaldo.Both land-based and online casinos provide an exceptional gaming experience. However, online casinos arguably offer customers much more than playing in person. Such as generous welcome offers, the chance to play multiple poker games at once, and numerous variations of po