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A porn star has sent social media users on a spin after she shared a creepy text message from her uncle on TikTok last week. Known by her stage name Karlie Brooks, the young XXX actress posted the video clip on the popular platform where she also explained how she was able to hide the other side of her life from her family for 5 years. The clip has since raked in over 8.5 million views.

According to New York Post, Brooks shared a screen-grab of the cringe text on her account, which was bombarded with comments on the thread from users who bashed her for her career choice and a good number of supporters who offered words of comfort for the adult star.

"I’m sorry about all these men, I’m sorry your uncle was being like that you don’t deserve it," one user wrote. Another posted, "The fact he said 'very nice' makes my body fold in on itself." Many had their stomachs churning with the way her uncle addressed her as “kiddo”, while some said her uncle should’ve just not said anything to her.

“I- Whaaat. He Could've said nothing. Or been like hey uh I accidentally found you I'm so sorry I didn't even realize or mean to but thattttt."

At the same time, others have also suggested that Brooks should tell about her uncle to the family before he decides to do the same to her.

Brooks was openly answering questions on her TikTok, garnering even more views. She went on to explain that she got into OnlyFans after being unemployed when the Covid pandemic hit, adding that what she does just suits her lifestyle perfectly.

One user said: “Sorry he’s creepy. I hope he doesn’t out you to the rest of your family. If you think he will, get in front of it and tell them first but f*** anyone's opinions.”

“If my uncle sent this to me. I would flat out tell everyone. That’s messed up,” another commenter wrote.

The video continues to rake in more viewers with Brook’s 60,000 strong followers. Her not-so-secret x-rated videos on adult sites such as PornHub and OnlyFans are now on the brink of being discovered by other members of her family after this whole text fiasco with her uncle.

Although many have referred to her uncle as creepy while defending her chosen side career, others were not as surprised as such adult sites cater to a wide range of audiences, including a huge number of creeps.

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