Pedro Sola Gay
Twitter is speculating if Pedrito Sola was "forced" to come out of the closet to cover-up Panama Papers scandal! Azteca

Pedro Sola, the veteran "Ventaneando" co-host, admitted he was today during a radio interview. The 68-year-old personality opened up about his sexual orientation for the first time since hosting the entertainment show. The bombshell news came on the same day of the Panama Papers leak. Both were hot issues on Twitter and it didn't take long for users on social media to link the two together. One of the prominent names that were exposed on the documentes, was Ricardo Benjamín Salinas Pliego, co-founder of Grupo Salinas, and the same conglomerate that owns the Azteca television network.

Pedro Sola is one of the co-hosts of "Ventaneando," which airs on the TV Azteca. People on Twitter love a good conspiracy theory and some witty users thought it was no coincidence that Pedro's "bombshell" was dropped on the same day. The theory is that Salinas Pliego "forced" Sola to come out of the closet in an effort to deflect attention away from Salinas Pliego. Many users had a good time poking fun at this scenario and we have compiled some of the funniest reactions. See the tweets below and tell us what you think!

Pedrito Sola has been a co-host of "Ventaneando" since its debut in 1996. He was one of the four original members of the gossip show that included Juan José Origel, Martha Figueroa and the maven Pati Chapoy. During an interview this morning, Sola talked very openly about being gay. “I respect people, if someone is gay and they want to say it, they can talk about it,” he said on Radio Formula. “I accepted it once and well, if I hadn’t talked about it openly it’s because I have understood that the gossip of being gay is huge because everyone speculates if you are or not." Read what else he said here.

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