Pedro Sola Gay
The "Ventaneando" co-host has opened up about being gay for the first time. Azteca

Pedro Sola has confirmed that he is gay. The "Ventaneando" co-host has been on the show since it started in 1996. Alongside Pati Chapoy, Daniel Bisogno, Atala Sarmiento and other collaborators, Sola delivers the latest entertainment gossip on the Azteca network in the U.S. and Mexico. The beloved personality had always kept mum about his personal life, but at 69 years old, he felt it was the time to open up to the world about his sexual orientation. Although people had speculated over the years about his tendencies, Pedro had never confirmed it publicly until now.

“I respect people, if someone is gay and they want to say it, they can talk about it,” he said. “I accepted it once and well, if I hadn’t talked about it openly it’s because I have understood that the gossip of being gay is huge because everyone speculates if you are or not. When did Pedrito know he was gay? “I don’t have a problem in saying that I am gay,” he added. “A while ago someone asked me if I had come out of the closet and I answered that I had never been since I’ve never lived in the closet. As Juan Gabriel said it once, ‘don’t ask what you can see.’”

Pedro Sola became a trending topic on Twitter when news broke about his sexual preferences. Many people were making light of how obvious it was that he was gay and nobody is entirely shocked following the radio interview. Other people linked it to the Panama Papers, as the Azteca network boss, Ricardo Salinas Pliego was linked to the scandal. Many are speculating sarcastically if the news is only smoke and mirrors to shine light away from the documents leak. Also, many users used the opportunity to remember Pedrito’s live, on-air flub, when he confused the name of a mayonnaise brand during a product placement spot. Watch the blunder below!

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