Pepe Aguilar Son Gets 3-Year Probation For Smuggling People Across U.S.-Mexico Border; Must Go To Rehab

Pepe Aguilar, José Emiliano
Pepe Aguilar and his son José Emiliano Aguilar. Instagram/pepeaguilar_oficial

Pepe Aguilar has one less problem on his mind and can feel relieved after a judge ruled on his son's case. If you remember José Emiliano was arrested after he tried to illegally smuggle people across the U.S.-México border back in march. According to Univision, Judge Mitchell D. Dembin ordered the 25-year-old to check into rehab for six months to combat his alleged drug addiction, as well as three years of probation.

Following the trial the Regional Mexican star said: "There's a great amount of happiness that my son will not go to jail and a responsibility to help him the best that we can. We are happy with the decision by the judge, that if it would've been something else I don't think we would be happy, but we would've obliged because I believe in justice, I believe in the law and we are in all disposition."

Pepe Aguilar also said: "I think that the people you love you have to support the best way you can. I am not a specialist in these types of situations, but in any way that I can I will support him, first of all with love because that's what you can give without asking for permission and it's in my hands one hundred percent and it's my responsibility."

In court, José Emiliano said that his parents' divorce affected him emotionally. "Look, I think that everyone suffers something," Aguilar said. "Your parents' separation doesn't make you do the things that he did. I think that each individual makes their own decisions and has their lessons to learn. Thank God that nobody was hurt. I had no idea of what was happening, he didn't live with me and I am not taking away any responsibility, it's the truth. Now I am going to support him and I will be there for him for whatever he needs."

Back in April 2017, Pepe Aguilar's son had pled not guilty to the charges. It was in March of this year that Customs and Border Patrol made the case public about a man that attempted to smuggle 4 Chinese nationals across the San Ysidro, California border on March 14th. The pics show 2 men and 2 women crammed in the car's trunk, and at the time the name of the delinquent was not known, until now. According to TMZ, border agents were alerted by a K9 unit that something was off. Thats when they opened the trunk and found the human cargo. The people were to pay José Emiliano between $3k and $60k if they had been able to cross to the U.S. successfully.

After news broke, Pepe Aguilar released a video where he said: "I believe in my son, he is not a criminal and I am sure that he will prove it in his trial. I believe in a society that must be governed by laws and that it must have consequences if one is missing them. So painful, so sad but it is what it is and so is life."

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