Pedro Aguayo Ramirez Jr. Funeral
man delivers a wreath during the funeral of professional wrestler Pedro Aguayo Ramirez aka 'Perro Aguayo Jr' in Guadalajara city on March 22, 2015 Pedro Aguayo Ramirez died in hospital after suffering a cervical injury in a Mexican wrestling fight on Friday night. HECTOR GUERRERO/AFP/Getty Images

The autopsy results are in on legendary Mexican wrestler, Pedro Aguayo Ramirez Jr., known in the lucha libre circuits as “Hijo del Perro Aguayo” after he died in the ring on Friday while competing in a match in Tijuana, Mexico. According to Ernest Franco, the official doctor for the Tijuana Wrestling Commission, Aguayo died of a heart attack that he suffered after a broken neck in the ring at the feet of another legendary wrestler, Rey Mysterio Jr.

According to the results, Aguayo’s spinal cord was severed when he was kicked in the head by Rey Mysterio Jr. Shortly after the kick, Aguayo suffered a cervical stroke that prompted the heart attack that eventually killed him. After the injury, Aguayo immediately fell on to the ropes of the ring and lay there unconscious while the match continued.

Police are currently investigating the incident to determine whether or not manslaughter charges should be brought upon Rey Mysterio Jr. who’s real name is Oscar Guiterrez. However, the President of the Tijuana Wrestling Commission, Juan Carlos Pelayo, believes that the death was not Misterio’s fault, and that no negligence occurred.

Fans of the sport have criticized the wrestling commission after video of the tragedy surfaced online showing the slowness of medical help arriving to Aguayo. After falling unconscious, the match continued for nearly two minutes before any medical personnel arrived. Even after help arrived, it took another 80 seconds for a doctor to get to Aguayo to determine what was wrong.

The family of Pedro Aguayo Ramirez Jr. including his Hall-of-Fame father, Pedro Aguayo Damian, known in the ring as “El Perro Aguayo,” believes that the death was a tragic accident, and do not hold Rey Mysterio responsible. His father and his family asked Rey Mysterio to be a pallbearer at the funeral, which was held Monday and noted the long history between Rey Mysterio and Aguayo Jr. Other wrestlers even posted pictures of the pair as children in their wrestling outfits together as proof of their long friendship and history.

The 35-year-old wrestling star was one of the biggest icons in all of Mexico, and has been compared to Randy Orton or Triple H of the WWE. Aguayo Jr. was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital in Tijuana after medical personnel tried for over an hour to resuscitate him. As of now, wrestling experts familiar with the sport in Mexico believe that no regulations will change in either the United States or Mexico because of the tragedy.

“I don’t see much changing in the U.S.,” said Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter. “In Mexico, I’m not sure what will change past maybe people knowing to instinctively stop the match and carefully bring him to the back. It was actually a good doctor was there and an ambulance was there and they were only a few blocks from a hospital. In that sense they were lucky.”

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