A pedophile faces multiple charges for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting young children at a nursery in Torquay, where he was employed. As per a court hearing in Exeter Crown Court held earlier this week; Jayden McCarthy, 18, assaulted eight children aged between two and four in a two-and-a-half-week period in July 2019 when he worked as a nursery apprentice and was a minor himself.

McCarthy faced legal repercussions for his heinous acts after a little girl told her parents about the trauma she underwent after being (sexually) forced upon, somewhere toward the end of July. She had returned home in a different set of clothes. Soon after, law enforcement officials were alerted and a quick surprise check of the nursery followed. It was further reported that 250 hours of CCTV from the nursery was procured to assist the police investigation.

Prosecutor Jason Beal outlined the case and, as cited on Daily Mail said: “These assaults were of a varying degree ranging from touching the child over their clothing in their private areas and an instance of oral rape putting his penis into the mouth of a little girl. The assaults were not witnessed at the time.”

The prosecutor further maintained that roughly about 13 incidents were identified, over the course of a detailed probe. The little girl repeated and stuck to her version even during the trial. McCarthy was soon arrested and admitted to changing the girl’s dress but denied sexually assaulting the child.

Beal further averred that the defendant argued in his defense that “he may have touched them on occasions but that touching was not sexual and he derived no sexual pleasure from it.” What’s surprising to note is that the jury was unable to link a criminal background to the accused. McCarthy was onboarded in March 2019 and wasn’t listed on barring lists as far as officials doing the checks are concerned.

McCarthy wasn’t a great worker, but superiors overlooked his lax for the most part and attributed it to his immaturity—he was only 16 at that time and allowed kids to throw about toys or climb all over him. Beal further noted that about 250 hours of CCTV and 13 incidents were identified. “The defendant was caught on CCTV sexually assaulting children on various days over a period of 10-29th July. There were eight children involved and they were aged between two and four,” he added.

Beal further revealed that McCarthy used suntan cream to rub into the children in areas beneath their clothes, which reflected his real intentions. Beal maintained that McCarthy's touch vastly differed when it came to boys and girls, often placing his hands on the genitals of the latter.

In a statement to police, McCarthy stayed mum but continued to assert that he never touched a child for sexual gratification, not had he ever engaged in sexual acts on children under 13. There happens to be an ongoing trial on the case.

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