A woman who used to sleep with their family dog snapped on her and nearly gobbled her alive when he snarled and ate "half her arm" in a horrific attack.

Tya Lucas, 41, of Lewisville, Texas, was showing her new puppy Roo to her friend Peter, 33, when Hercules, a seven-stone pitbull, leaped at Peter and bit him in the neck on May 16.

Peter was imprisoned inside the bathroom as Tya sprung into action and wrenched the dog away from him. The beast later turned on the mother-of-one while they were alone in the living room.

The pitbull brutally attacked Tya, who also tore off two-thirds of her right arm. He then started eating her bicep and biting on her calf and foot.

Reports mentioned that Tana, Tya's 20-year-old daughter, and her 21-year-old husband Harley, fortunately, had just gotten home. Harley was able to take the dog away from Tya and bring her outside the house. Officer Jordan Potter responded to Tana's 911 call and simultaneously showed up on the site.

"The police said if I'd passed out in the house, he would have eaten me from my insides," Tya told the New York Post. "They said they'd seen stabbings, gunshot wounds and they've never seen what they saw that day."

Officer Potter bandaged her arm with a tourniquet to save her life. Tya, citing her doctor, said she wouldn't have survived until the ambulance arrived if the officer hadn't been there to perform that task.

The Post claims that Hercules was discovered abandoned on the side of the road two years prior by Tana and Harley. When they discovered him, they claimed he was covered with cigarette burns. According to bartender Tya, the dog had never shown signs of violence and had even slept on her bed the night before the event.

Tya received emergency medical attention and spent two days on a ventilator. She would ultimately spend 19 days in the hospital, undergoing five procedures to remove dead skin and receiving hundreds of stitches all over her limbs. In a sixth procedure, doctors removed portion of her back's muscle, shaped it into a bicep shape, and then linked it to her arm.

The medical expenses for Tya's daughter have apparently cost over $180,000 so far, and she has started a GoFundMe effort to pay for them.

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