Aftr the constant back and forth, bickering and threats, Pitbull has decided to pull a ballsy move in his celebrity tourism contract with Florida. While most of us couldn't believe that the state actually appointed the rapper as a spokesperson, it turns out that its true. In a battle of not wanting to release the details of the contract, the rapper has picked the latter.

According to TMZ, Pitbull has decided to go public with the contract he signed with Florida to be the state's ambassador. The rapper reveals that the state paid him serious dough to be their spokesperson. The problem is he only released the details after being pressured from State representative Richard Corcoran.

We recently reported that Pitbull's company is threatening to sue the state of Florida if the details of his contract with the state of being their official spokesperson leaks to the media. In turn, Corcoran wassuing Mr. Worldwide's company over his contract to be a celebrity tourism ambassador for the Sunshine State. Corcoran says Pitbull got "significant compensation" from FL when he signed the 2015 deal, but the amount was kept under wraps.

In an effort to avoild and legalities from the state, the site reports that Pitbull released details of the 2015 deal he struck with the Sunshine State. The rapper's contract consists of  receiving $1 million for one full year of promoting Florida by doing a televised New Year's Eve celebration ... which aired on FOX. His "Sexy Beaches" music video was also used as a promotional tool for Florida.

The contract required him to take on the role of a travel agent, with him creating six different pakages named "Pit Packages" which were alltied into a sweepstakes travel deal to the state.

While Mr.Worldwide and Corcoran weren't seeing eye to eye, the state representative is pleased. The site says that he "was only trying to protect taxpayers and ensure transparency is the rule and not the eception in state government."