As police are trying to identity the person whose tattooed leg was discovered in McKay Bay in Tampa last week, a car has been found believed to be connected to the case.

On Monday, the Tampa Police Department said that they were looking for a Hyundai Elantra car, 2008 model, with license plate number HDE 6564 of Pennsylvania. The next day, they shared that the vehicle was located but did not give out details about its condition or who found it, reported FOX 13 News.

Cops had also urged the public to help them in identifying the victim, who had a distinctive leg tattoo made up of names Zach, Sean and Greg with three intertwined hearts.

A death investigation was started by Tampa police after two fishermen discovered a human leg that had the tattoo on the calf below the right knee floating in the water, according to WFLA. Cops were first called to McKay Bay Thursday night then “additional body parts” were found at McKay Bay Friday, said a spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department, and witnesses said that the new body part also looked like someone's leg.

Stuart Welch, who called cops Friday morning when he found what he believes is a human body part, said that he saw something that looked like a "lump of dead fish at first," but as it floated closer to him it started to resolve into "what looks like the lower half of a human leg." After his call, cops arrived and recovered the object, but did not confirm or deny if it was a human body part.

Welch, who is now concerned because he often fishes in the area, said that he is "very confident" about it being a human body part, and it was no more than about 15 feet into the water when he saw it. He added that it doesn’t surprise him that "some monster dumped a human body" in the area after probably cutting them up and dumping the parts where ever they could.

Mac Kersey, who fishes in the area, called it "pretty gruesome," and said that this is "sad somebody would actually do that."

Acting Police Chief Ruben Delgado said that they are using watercraft and drones to search the area for other body parts. He added that people got to remember, "that’s somebody’s loved one. That’s somebody’s family member," and cops are trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Representation Image SplitShire/ Pixabay